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Árpád Márton (Serbia)

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Árpád Márton (Serbia)

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Árpád Márton runs the family business his father started 40 years ago with some pigs. Today, they have 400 ha of land, where they can produce the food for the animals, as well as 180 sows and 700 swine. ''We have been working with the QUADRA for some weeks now but the first experience is very good” explains Árpád. They bought a 20,000 liter tanker with a 4.4 m wide Terraflex 3 injector. „We injected 40 m³/ha at 8 km/h, which is very productive and fast. We produce 1,200 m³ of slurry per year ; so I think we can use this tanker for the next 40 years”, joked Árpád.