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JOSKIN: Adapting to a changing world

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Like other manufacturers, Joskin adapts its organisation in order to comply with the regulations imposed by the goverment concerning the pandemic. ”Our motivated staff contributes to efficiency by reorganising positions and schedules to ensure that a proper functioning of the Joskin Group can continue in maximum security. Teleworking, which is beneficial in many cases, is maximised. Though, it is neither simple nor ideal in some situations”, said CEO Didier Joskin. Of course, public health is a global priority, hence we must support without restraint all the efforts and sacrifices made by many trades, starting with health professionals.

This pandemic, like any other, will also have an end. Pierre Demianoff, executive assistant, believes that life will return to normality at some point: ”Sooner or later, the ecostystem of the economy will start to turn in one way or another. Some people will want to mark an ”after-coronavirus” different from the start, altough the equation might slightly change in the beginning. Governments will need to revive their national economies, even if the timing and the situation will differ from market to market.”

Production slowed and sales dropped. ”But those who have a plan on how to get through it will do better”, continues Pierre Demianoff.

From the development point of view, the pause is favorable. At JOSKIN, it has made us think about important improvements in both the organisation of the production, and the equipment. ”We mainly advocate simplicity, flexibility, security and facility because these are the eternal key words – and assets – of our farmers”, explains Didier Joskin. A good example is the work that has just been carried out on the entire program of JOSKIN livestock trailers. This upgrade was done on the occasion of the new European standards, including the redesign and extension of the range of fences with certified possibility to be mounted on all JOSKIN livestock trailers there is.

From the commercial side, in the immediate future, JOSKIN wants to help its commercial partners in the current context of working from home, which is essential since prospecting is impossible. JOSKIN encourages its sales representatives and their dealers/importers to emphasize on telephone campaigns, e-mails, advertisements on agricultural internet platforms, etc. ”We are also studying an online-sales solution to be implemented quickly to support our dealers in their sales and with stock equipment, and fair prices. Because to continue working, the agricultural machinery sector must keep going, it must also protect everyone’s health by avoiding maximum contact”, adds Didier Joskin.

The important thing, according to JOSKIN, is to maintain the distribution chain to guarantee access to agricultural machinery: the activity of meadows and fields does not stop. Farmers and contractors need efficient equipment.