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Testimonial – Your opinion matters: Kfar Ha-ro’eh, Israel

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Testimonial – Your opinion matters: Kfar Ha-ro’eh, Israel

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Testimonial of Mr Saul Jacobs, owner of Jacobs Dairy Farm in Israel, on a JOSKIN Modulo2 slurry tanker: “We immediately chose JOSKIN, the world leader in the production of this type of machine.”

Mr Saul Jacobs is the owner of Jacobs Dairy Farm, a family business specialising in cheese production with a tradition dating back to 1936 when Yitzhak and Ruth Jacobs realised their dream of moving to Israel. They established their residence in Kfar Ha-ro'eh and soon began growing fruit, raising goats and making cheese for their own consumption. Today, cheese production at Jacobs Farm is carried out with the most innovative equipment and strictest quality control measures, but still using the traditional methods of small dairies in Europe. They process the milk of goats, sheep and cattle, producing some 25 different kinds of five-star cheeses: hard, semi-hard, and 'mouldy' ones, and of course soft cheeses and yogurts.

“We want the best for our farm and always choose the best possible equipment. All our agricultural machinery is from leading brands. Following the introduction of new waste treatment regulations in Israel, we decided to purchase a slurry tanker. We immediately chose JOSKIN, the world leader in the production of this type of machine”, says Mr Jacobs. “We have bought a Modulo2 11,000 and it perfectly meets our expectations. The large vacuum pump is very powerful and allows us to work rapidly. The tank is made from the best materials and it will last for many years. The injection system works perfectly”, he adds. “It is a reliable and efficient machine.”