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Testimonial – Your opinion matters: Wola Korytnicka, Poland

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Testimonial – Your opinion matters: Wola Korytnicka, Poland

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"I own a farm in central-eastern Poland specialising in dairy cattle breeding. I raise about 60 cows in my new barn. I sell the milk to the Hochland dairy in Węgrów," explains Wrzosek. "Previously I used a Modulo2 7000 ME slurry tanker, but it turned out to be too small given the growing number of animals, and I therefore had to buy a bigger one. As my old tanker had served me well for years and had never broken down despite a frequent use, I once more chose JOSKIN. I bought a Modulo2 14000 MEB: a very sturdy machine with a high capacity. "

What features does he like best? "In my opinion, the best is the Jumbo filling arm. I can't imagine working without it! Filling the tank is very quick and comfortable. "