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Testimonial – Your opinion matters: Fu-Hsing, Taïwan

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Testimonial – Your opinion matters: Fu-Hsing, Taïwan

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Spring Creek Dairy Farm is based in the village of Fu-Hsing in Changhua Province, Taiwan. It has been a family business for three generations and it is currently owned and managed by Liang Zwei-Tang. “We are proud of our farm. The milk produced by our 350 Holstein cows is sold to the President Food Corp, which is the largest dairy processing company in our country,” he explains.

And he goes on saying: “As environmental regulations have recently become stricter, we needed a machine to dispose of wastewater in a responsible way. In addition, we needed to transport the slurry to a distant field. So we decided to buy a slurry tanker, and we managed to get a financial subsidy from the Agriculture Council for this investment. A representative from the HYC Dairy Pro Inc. dealer visited us to make a thorough presentation of the JOSKIN Modulo2 model. He convinced me that a company with so much experience and such a wide range of manure handling machines must know what they are doing," smiles Liang-Zwei Tang. "Indeed, I am very pleased with my purchase. Our Modulo2 10000 MEB is efficient and manoeuvrable. The feature I like most is the Roll-Over bogie running gear, which ensures a great stability to the machine and makes driving very comfortable. "

Dealer: HYC Dairy Pro Inc.