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Side tipping on Trans-CAP 6000/20BC150 and 6500/22BC150

2017-11-10 08:52:05

The Trans-CAP 6000/20BC150 and 6500/22BC150 bodies are now available with a side tipping system.


Hunland (Hungary)

2017-11-08 08:51:04

The machines work excellently, are comfortable to drive and are easy to pull. Boxes can easily be switched from one to another.


50 years : Let's celebrate it

2017-10-31 10:30:39

That's why an exclusive set of 11 mass produced machines with a complete equipement is offered at a very attractive price.


Demo Day by Sørensen, Maskincentrum and Salling

2017-10-30 11:15:04

Joskin was present with a Drakkar, a Silospace silage trailer, a tipping trailer 6500 and a BETIMAX 6M livestock trailer


JOSKIN in Algeria

2017-10-30 11:13:08

Delivery of Modulo2 slurry tankers in Algeria at our importer Algerian Bovines

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