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All the news of the Joskin company

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JOSKIN POLSKA Galvanising Plant: the Event of the Decade

On 15 August 2020, the JOSKIN Group started a major project: the first replacement of the zinc tank at its galvanising plant in Poland. A project that turned out to be a very challenging and impressive one! A new story confirming that JOSKIN does not hesitate to do whatever it takes to meet its quality standards.

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Delivery of a Silo-Space2 to Åmans Maskinstation (Sweden)

Earlier this spring a 59-m³ triple axle Joskin Silo-Space was sold by GH:s Traktor Centre in Mantorp, Sweden, and delivered to Åmans Maskinstation. At the moment they are working with silage and the machine is moving smoothly and nice out on the fields!

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The proof of 9!

The new Joskin Betimax livestock-fences are aimed at the comfort and safety of livestock… and the farmer! Comfort and safety of the livestock are a farmer’s primary concern, and so also for his livestock trailer. This is the reason why the floor of the JOSKIN Betimax livestock trailers are covered in a soft 3-component resin, have rear doors that open throughout the full width of the body, have wheel cases with rounded edges, and, on the RDS model, a shock absorbing drawbar and a reclining syst

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JOSKIN: Adapting to a changing world

Like other manufacturers, Joskin adapts its organisation in order to comply with the regulations imposed by the goverment concerning the pandemic. ”Our motivated staff contributes to efficiency by reorganising positions and schedules to ensure that a proper functioning of the Joskin Group can continue in maximum security. Teleworking, which is beneficial in many cases, is maximised. Though, it is neither simple nor ideal in some situations”, said CEO Didier Joskin. Of course, public health is a

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JOSKIN Remains at Farmers’ and Contractors’ Service

In the context of the pandemic, the JOSKIN Group’s activity continues, but with an adapted regime. The food chain is a societal imperative and it must be safe in all circumstances. Therefore, JOSKIN got quickly organized to guarantee its service to farmers and contractors in compliance with the restrictions in force.

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