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Our Range

A product for every need

Slurry tankers

With almost 40,000 tankers sold to this day, JOSKIN has a widely recognised experience and a technical expertise on the international level. From the easiest to the most technological one, our slurry tankers cover all needs and meet a high level of requirements regarding reliability, sturdiness and safety

Spreading implements

The JOSKIN Spreading tools programme offers a solution for the injection in meadows, for the injection in arable grounds or for boom spreading.

Muck spreaders

JOSKIN offers a wide range of 40 models of muck spreaders with vertical or horizontal beaters, with wide or narrow body. Each JOSKIN spreader is developed in order to provide optimal work with any type of muck.

Multipurpose trailers

The DRAKKAR is a multi-purpose trailer with moving floor and accompanying front wall for optimal unloading. This multi-purpose traliler allows to transport different materials.

Tipping trailers

A wide range of agricultural, dropside and dump trailers for an efficient and safe transport solution

Silage trailers

The Silo-SPACE2 is a new generation of optimised silage trailer to increase the farmers and contractors’ profitability. Its design is based on a tapered body with moving floor to fluidly and very quickly unload silage.

Bale trailers or low loaders

Range of bale trailers for a safe and efficient transport of straw bales and construction & agricultural machinery

Cargo concept

Suited to road and agricultural transport, this version of the hook system used on trucks meets contractors' needs of ever more versatile transports.

Livestock trailers

JOSKIN livestock trailers are thought and designed for your cattle! Available with a reclining system (RDS) or a loading ramp (R), they provide the animals with a high comfort and the cattle farmer with a high ease of use.

Water bowsers

JOSKIN developed a range of water bowsers to provide the cattle with optimal drinking conditions, while ensuring a maximum handling comfort to the cattle farmer.


The hydrocleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning gullies and sewers

Slurry mixers

The fully galvanized JOSKIN Jumbomixer slurry mixer and chopper is specially designed to mix large volumes of slurry. This chopper chops very well.