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Horticultural Harrow - Optimized for Maintenance Works in Parks and Gardens - Easy to Use - Economical


Width (cm)

120 → 360


Economical meadow aerators

BF GARDEN Description


The BF GARDEN is an economical harrow that is especially designed to work on small surface areas. It is characterized by its ease of use and a perfect compatibility with horticultural micro-tractors. Thanks to its low weight, its limited width and its specific equipment (2 configurations available), it is the ideal harrow for maintenance works in parks and gardens.

BF GARDEN Characteristics


  • 10 width possibilities (from 1.2m to 3.6m)
  • 2 ranges of equipment possible (BF-R3S2, BF-R4S2)
  • Folded beam frame combining lightness, compactness and sturdiness
  • Fully galvanized materials for an outstanding longevity
  • Manually (un)folding extensions
  • Adjustment of the harrow horizontality by means of the 3rd hitching point
  • Easy quick coupling (Cat. I) by means of the Ø 22 mm round rod
Strong points of the range

The machine for parks and gardens

Easy machine for small farming concern

Two different models

Different configurations exist: if you want a softer machine, choose a BFR3S2 and if you want a more aggressive one, choose a BFR4S2.

Chassis designed to last

The quality of the high tensile steel and the galvanized finishing ensure a long lifespan.

Modular width

In order to increase the working width, the machine can be fitted with manually folding extensions.
Corrective action
Economical meadow aerators


Pictures BF GARDEN 1
Pictures BF GARDEN 2
Pictures BF GARDEN 3