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Multi-functional in All Situations


Width (cm)

275 → 315



BJ General Points

General Points

Mowing leftovers in your pastures, chopping your fallows or clearing small shrubs (max. 30 mm) are works that require multi-functional and strong machines. That is why JOSKIN designed the BJ choppers, in order to meet your needs. They have a strong construction as well as heavier blades, which therefore have a higher inertia. The blades are mounted on pivoting points and can therefore turn on 360°.
Torsion couplings are mounted on the transmission shafts to further improve the security of the machine and to make the drive smoother. As they are made of rubber, they absorb the operating vibrations and possible shocks.

Strong points of the range

3-point Linkage

The 3-point linkage allows to carry the machine during transport. While working, the chopper is only trailed by the 2 lower points, as the 3rd one is floating. In this way, the pasture toppers can follow the ground more easily.

Clean and ventilated cut

The grass is mowed, chopped and spread over the mowed surface in order to transform it into manure. Besides, this residue is well digested by young calves and dry cows.


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