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Wide front-mounted rotary pasture topper!


Working width (cm)

270 → 270


Pasture Toppers/Choppers

DTH3 General points

General points

Since their introduction on the market in the mid-80s, TR toppers (including the DTH3) have very quickly established themselves as real references in the professional world. They are very comfortable mowing most green areas and are also highly appreciated for their excellent performance in pasture maintenance. Their staggered multi-rotor system enables them to cope with the most compact areas while maintaining a constant work flow. The DTH3 is the rear offset version of the TR topper. Its hydraulically folding arm allows the topper to be offset to the right rear of the tractor (standard). This position is then ideal to avoid running over the grass before cutting it. This topper also works wonders on land requiring a lot of finishing work on edges (slopes, etc.).


DTH3 A quality cut

A quality cut


In order to achieve a quality cut, JOSKIN has developed removable and self-retracting floating knives that retract in front of obstacles that are too rough. This technical choice protects the transmission and offers the tractor maximum protection against impacts. The deck of the DTH3 toppers has been designed to maximise the "tornado" effect created by the strong rotation of the rotors. The vegetation is thus powerfully sucked upwards and held in the movement of the blades, even in wet weather. Once finely chopped, the grass is then spread evenly using the deflectors on the chassis.

In combination with the ATR front mower, the DTH3 offers the XL mowing solution for larger areas (mowing width 5.10 m).

DTH3 Perfectly suits the land

Perfectly suits the land

The DTH3 offset topper is equipped with a floating hitch system allowing a faithful follow-up of the terrain relief, for maximum precision of execution. It is also equipped with 2 XXL skids guaranteeing a perfect sliding of the machine, whatever the irregularities encountered. The horizontality of the cut is then ensured in all circumstances, without risk of accidental contact between the blades and the ground. The offset positioning of the DTH3 also prevents the tractor wheels from crushing the grass before cutting it, thus providing a perfectly uniform mowing across its entire width.

DTH3 Adjustable cutting height

Adjustable cutting height

All the chassis of the DTH3 range incorporate a cutting height system that can be adjusted in 6 positions in order to adapt your mowing to the conditions encountered during the different periods of the year. A large clearance between the blades and the chassis allows for excellent air circulation, ensures optimal mixing of the cut material without risk of blockage, and guarantees smooth and efficient work.

DTH3 Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

All our DTH toppers are coated with an anti-corrosion paint that provides long-term protection against external aggression. The sober and timeless design of their chassis has been specifically studied to eliminate any possibility of water retention and thus facilitate cleaning operations. A single pass of the high-pressure cleaner is therefore sufficient to restore a tool to its original state.

DTH3 100% safe to use

100% safe to use

All JOSKIN frames incorporate a wide range of safety devices (inaccessibility of the blades in the working position, anti-projection system, plates preventing the blades from rubbing against hard surfaces...) allowing you to concentrate solely on your work, with complete peace of mind.

Special Features