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Pasture renovator for your intensive renewing works!




RENOVA General Points

General Points

Characterised by an extreme sturdiness and the use of more rigid tools, the Renova pasture renovator allows to intervene where many other models reach their limits. It is a regenerating harrow for use on hard or compacted ground requiring a better aeration. With its specific equipment, it can work in all situations where intensive leveling is required.


RENOVA Durable Structure

Durable Structure

The RENOVA is designed to accompany you season after season. The quality of the high tensile steel and the galvanised finish ensure a long lifespan. The high tensile steel also provides an exceptional sturdiness, compactness and lightness. The few painted parts on the machine are coated with a 2K quality paint for a maximal protection through time.

RENOVA Working Principle

Working Principle

The work of the RENOVA is carried out by the successive action of three tools. In the first position, there is a line of levelling blades with 25° angle fitted on a pair of vibrating tines. Benefiting from a certain rigidity, this first line ensures a uniform levelling of earth clods and other irregularities on the ground. However, thanks to the presence of the vibrating tines, it offers a certain flexibility and protects the structure in the event of obstacles that are too resistant (rocks, etc.). In second position we find a row of scraper blades that even out any clumps possibly caused by the levelling blades before them. Finally, in third position, there is a double line of scarifying shares on vibrating tines that carry out a deeper and more aggressive soil scarification in order to guarantee a regenerative aeration of the soil.

RENOVA Adjustable Intensity

Adjustable Intensity

The intensity of each tool on the RENOVA can be adjusted individually thanks to the position of the four gauge wheels and the angle of the mechanical 3rd point connecting tools no. 2 and no. 3. This meadow renovator can thus easily adapt to the conditions of the ground and the intensity of work required during the different seasons of the year.

RENOVA Compact Machine

Compact Machine

With a universal basic frame of 2.40 m, the RENOVA renovators are efficient and compact machines. Thanks to their hydraulic folding system, they can go through even the narrowest paths without reaching trees or hedges. In order to guarantee total safety during transport, they are equipped with a mechanical safety device that prevents any accidental unfolding, even at high speed.

In working position, the RENOVA are also standard equipped with 4 steel gauge wheels (no puncture).

RENOVA Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

All RENOVA renovators are standard fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily add many options, either at the time of the order or to be fitted afterwards (even years after the machine left the factory). Among the most interesting options, you can find: electric seeders, kits of lights and reflective panels, etc.

Corrective action

Special Features

Standard equipment

  • Manufactured in special steel to improve its resistance
  • Manufacturing based on standardized components to improve precision and reliability
  • Galvanized structure
  • Depth adjustment of the scarifier through sprung gauge screw
  • Top link with chain
  • Gauge wheels (2 on 240 and 4 on other models)
  • Shot-blasted and painted 25° levelling blades in treated steel (2 paint coats)
  • Scraper blade in galvanized steel
  • Scarifying shares
  • Quick hitching by round rod (Ø 22 mm on type 240 - Ø 28 mm on other types) - category 2
  • Hydraulic folding and unfolding (DA) from 4 m