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Heavy Comb Harrow for Farmers - Modular Harrow - Adapted to Large Surface Areas - Advanced Adjustments - Ultimate Precision


Width (cm)

480 → 960


Meadow Aerators

SCARIFLEX R6S6 Description


Fitted with no less than 6 rows of spring tines and with the individual adjustments specific to the Scariflex series, this high-tech model is the perfect comb harrow to maintain middle-sized to very large non-grazed fodder crops. This harrow works so precisely and regularly that it goes far beyond the borders of an easy scarification.

SCARIFLEX R6S6 Characteristics


  • 5 width possibilities (from 4.8m to 9.6m)
  • Optimized sturdy steel structure for intensive use
  • Fully galvanized materials for an outstanding longevity
  • Flexible hitching to follow the ground relief perfectly and limit vibrations
  • Spring tines with higher length and diameter for a ever more intense work
  • Levers to adjust an identical pressure on all spring tines
  • Hydraulic (un)folding of the extensions
  • Automatic locking in transport position (unlocking from the cabin)
  • Rubber gauge wheels
  • Front scraper blade and seeder available as an option
Strong points of the range

Why and how maintaining pastures?

It is advised to make use of the meadow aerator in the beginning of the season and shortly after the end of grazing. Slightly and superficially harrowing in order to spread dung is still very profitable. Moreover, a rainy and humid weather will boost the efficiency of the machine The evening dew will be ideal for dry weather periods.
Be aware that using the meadow aerator in summer may delay the grass growth when working too aggressively. In case of a long period of drought, it is therefore better to postpone this work or to adjust the pressure of the machine to a minimum. On the contrary, when expecting a rain period in a short time, the meadow aerator can be used freely as it will enable the ground to benefit from the rain.
Chop the large remains before aerating. Otherwise, dung will stick to it and not be spread properly. That is why it is interesting to combine the aerator with the JOSKIN rotary pasture topper.
Before and after the winter, meadows are strongly worked on with the whole machine weight and, most important, with the tines allowing to air the ground and tear off dead grass.
It is important to regularly maintain the pastures in order to preserve the good grass. Using a meadow aerator and a pasture topper prevents weed from spreading to neighbouring grounds.


Harrowing means :

  • aerating the ground properly as well as increasing nitrification to the detriment of acidification;
  • making the ground easy to penetrate for rain water and air;
  • destroying moss and other weed;
  • distributing farm manure and making it easier to decompose, thereby increasing its fertilizing value;
  • It is possible to directly bolt a seed drill on the chassis, or afterwards, to reseed meadows or to spread a selective herbicide.
Corrective action
Meadow Aerators


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