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Wide Rotary Pasture Topper


Width (cm)

750 → 750


Pasture Toppers/Choppers

TRT General Points

General Points

The TRT rotary pasture topper carries out the same work as the TR: it chops and spreads the grass, turning in this way the remains into fertilizer. As a result, the chopped residue is well digested by young calves and dry cows.

The TRT topper is rear-mounted and can be combined with a front-mounted ATR.

Strong points of the range

Mowing with knives with belt-drive

Mowing leftovers for the grass to start growing in spring.

Clean and ventilated cut

The grass is mowed, chopped and spread over the mowed surface in order to transform it into manure. Besides, this residue is well digested by young calves and dry cows.

Rear-mounted rotary pasture topper, with possible side offset

To mow grass with small tractors. In order not to drive on grass before mowing it, JOSKIN proposes rear-mounted rotary pasture toppers with side offset (left and right) to combine with a front-mounted rotary pasture topper.

Front-mounted rotary pasture topper

The front-mounted rotary pasture topper allows not to drive on the grass to be mowed. Combining it with a single rear-mounted rotary pasture topper with right offset or two rear-mounted rotary pasture toppers with side offset allows to mow from 5 m to 10 m.

Self-retractable blades

The JOSKIN rotary pasture toppers are standard fitted with self-retractable blades.
Pasture Toppers/Choppers


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