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Narrow slurry tanker with very low centre of gravity: ideal for mountainous regions!



Capacities (l)

from 6000 to 8000


single axle




ALPINA2 General Points

General Points

ALPINA2: as its name suggests, it is in the mountains that this tanker feels at home. Thanks to its low centre of gravity, optimum tank diameter, light weight and reasonable capacity (from 6,000 l to 8,000 l), this slurry tanker is versatile, regardless of the direction of the slope. It can be fitted with the GARDA pump system with a spreading gun to spread in every nook and cranny, over hedges or on mountainsides.


ALPINA2 Narrow Machine

Narrow Machine

The ALPINA2 is a slurry tanker that is very often used in mountainous regions. Its reduced width (often < 2.55 m) makes it an "all-purpose" tanker, typically adapted to the sometimes extremely narrow traffic conditions in the mountains. The 7100 S and 8000 S models are standard fitted with a wheel recess, thereby ensuring a maximum width of 2.55 m, even with tyres of 800 mm wide. The wheel recess is compatible with “large wheels” with a diameter up to 1,500 mm (e.g.: 800/45R30.5) and is always somewhat larger than the wheel to be able to move the bolted axle and ensure an ideal load distribution.

ALPINA2 Low Centre of Gravity

Low Centre of Gravity

In order to guarantee a low centre of gravity, which is extremely important in hilly regions, all ALPINA2 have a small diameter and are therefore slightly extended. The small tank diameter (Ø 1,400 mm for 6000 S and Ø 1,500 mm for the other models) combined with the rear position of the axle means that the centre of gravity is kept low without impacting the maneuverability. Furthermore, the cradle structure, installed underneath the tank, is not present on the entire length of the tanker so as not to cause an unnecessary heightening: in the mountains, every centimeter counts! All ALPINA2 tanks are designed in compliance with the EN707 standard and are therefore all fitted with large baffles inside of the tank.

ALPINA2 Powerful Brakes

Powerful Brakes

All ALPINA2 are equipped with powerful brakes to secure your travels. The large axles provide extra safety for your longer working days. The standard equipment includes double-circuit air brakes, but you can get single-circuit hydraulic brakes as an option, as well as dual brakes (combining hydraulic and air brakes).

ALPINA2 Pump System

Pump System

The ALPINA2 is available with a “loose vacuum pump” or a “vacuum pump combined with a centrifugal pump” (commonly referred to as the “GARDA system”). These two technologies allow to quickly pump out of slurry pits and to spread uniformly (vacuum system) or by means of a high-performance spreading gun (GARDA system – spraying up to 40 m away depending on the viscosity of the product). A good way to fertilize your meadows, regardless of the type of terrain.

ALPINA2 Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

All ALPINA2 slurry tankers can be fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily fit many options, either at the time of the order or later as kits to be fitted afterwards (even years after the machine left the factory). Among the most interesting options, you can find: line spreading booms with or without skids (Penditwist/slide BASIC range), a “mountain” emptying device, plus many more!

Special Features

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