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Champion in the field! Very compact tanker with large low-pressure wheels



Capacities (l)

from 11100 to 15100


single axle





COBRA2 General Points

General Points

The COBRA2 slurry tanker is available with a capacity from 11,000 l to 14,500 l and only with a single axle. Compact thanks to the short tank with a large diameter (1,900 mm to 2,100 mm depending on the model) and specially designed for work in the field, the COBRA2 is very easy to handle. It is designed for wide low-pressure tyres (up to Ø 1.99 m and 1.06 m wide) and wheel recesses in order not to exceed a total width of 3 m. The COBRA2 can be fitted with a compact linkage that perfectly fits the form of the integrated chassis and reduces in this way the overhang. The linkage is fastened to the integrated chassis by means of conical axes ensuring an optimal support. This slurry tanker can work with many spreading implements, while limiting ground compaction thanks to the very large wheels.


COBRA2 Narrow Heavy Duty Chassis

Narrow Heavy Duty Chassis

This second version of the Cobra has now a monocoque structure. This tanker has a heavy duty chassis comparable to the one on the VOLUMETRA but it has been redesigned: its starts with a 900 mm width at the front and then narrows to 600 mm at the wheel recesses, while keeping this width up to the back side. This feature allows the COBRA2 to be fitted with very wide wheels (max. 1.06 m). Thanks to a higher contact surface between the ground and the tyres, the tanker weight is better distributed. As a result, tracks are clearly less deep. The compact design, due to the integrated chassis, provides a very low center of gravity. This feature makes it easier to work with spreading implements and also provides a higher stability.

COBRA2 High Maneuverability

High Maneuverability

This single-axle vehicle is very manoeuvrable given the short tank with a large diameter: 1,900 mm on model 11100 S, 2,000 mm on 12100 S and 2,100 mm on 14100 S. The drawbar is short with a narrow design. It is also very compact and allows a maximal steering angle, which is very useful at a row end. The linkage (option) is fitted very close to the rear wall of the tank in order to have the spreading implement (option) as close as possible, which reduces the overhang of the vehicle.

COBRA2 Pre-Equipment for Compact Linkage

Pre-Equipment for Compact Linkage

The COBRA2 is designed for heavy technology and can therefore work without any difficulty with the heaviest JOSKIN spreading booms or injectors. Accordingly, a linkage (option) is directly integrated in the tank brackets. This system is much more compact, sturdier and allows to keep an ideal weight on the eyelet. The injectors are attached to the tanker by a 3 or 4-point system (cast steel tractor linkage).

COBRA2 Movable Running Gear

Movable Running Gear

The COBRA2 slurry tankers are standard fitted with a reinforced axle bolted on the tank cradle. In this way, when adding or changing spreading implements, the axle can be easily repositioned to ensure an ideal ratio between the axle and eyelet weight at all times. The standard wheel recess on COBRA2 is kept slightly oversized to easily allow this manoeuvre. The drawbar with silent-blocks (various positions possible) absorbs the shocks and vibrations. For more comfort, it can be fitted with a hydropneumatic suspension.

COBRA2 Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

All COBRA2 slurry tankers can be fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily fit many options, either at the time of the order or later as kits to be fitted afterwards (even years after the machine left the factory). Among the most interesting options, you can find: injectors and spreading booms, filling arms, pump systems, etc.

Special Features

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