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“Infinitely” modular slurry tanker at an attractive price!



Capacities (l)

from 2500 to 18000


single axle
Double axle





MODULO2 General points

General points

The MODULO2 slurry tanker is a vehicle with self-supporting structure. Available in single-axle version from 2,500 to 11,000 l and double-axle version from 8,400 to 20,000 l, it is the bestseller in the range of JOSKIN slurry tankers. Several thousand MODULO2 are in use throughout the world and have been providing a quality service for decades. The secret of its success undoubtedly lies in adaptability: the buyer can indeed design the tanker according to his/her wishes using industrialised modules (pump system, filling arm, etc.). The vehicle will consist of these modules and will therefore meet the buyer’s precise requirements. The industrial manufacturing process guarantees the compatibility of the modules and a flawless efficiency of the machine.


MODULO2 Self-Supporting Monocoque Tank

Self-Supporting Monocoque Tank

The MODULO2 has a sturdy and light design with a low centre of gravity for an outstanding weight/maneuverability ratio. The tanks, which are made of hot-dip galvanised high tensile steel (4 mm thick from 2,500 to 5,000 l, 5 mm from 6,000 to 8,400 l and 6 mm from 9,000 to 20,000 l), are in compliance with the EN707 (pitching) security standard. An integral cradle is welded by a robot underneath the tank, on its entire length, creating a monocoque, self-supporting structure. The drawbar, running gear and potential pre-equipment for spreading implement (option) are fastened to this cradle, which concentrates all traction strains and protects in this way the tank from any unnecessary stress.

MODULO2 Running Gear

Running Gear

All MODULO2 are fitted with a bolted running gear. This concept is particularly useful because a slurry tanker is usually an investment for several years (or even generations) and requirements can vary over time. The running gear can be moved forwards or backwards to adapt the load distribution, e.g. when adding a spreading implement at the back of the machine. On a single-axle MODULO2, the axle is bolted on the tank brackets. On the double-axle version, the tanker is fitted with a Joskin Roll-Over bogie that is characterised by its upward pull line, an off-centre pivot axis and ergonomic parabolic leaves for an outstanding maneuverability and comfort (clearance up to 24 cm!).

MODULO2 Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

The MODULO2 slurry tankers are standard fitted with a “V-shaped” open drawbar housing the pump system to protect it from any accidental contact with the tractor wheels. The drawbar of the MODULO2 with vacuum pump is reversible: at any time, you can switch your tanker from the "high hitch” configuration (+/- 1 m from the ground) to the "low hitch” configuration (+/- 50 cm from the ground) without having to change the drawbar (180° rotation on the horizontal axis), and vice versa. Depending on the model, the MODULO2 is standard fitted with a bolted fixed drawbar with cross-suspension or silent-blocks. Comfort is therefore on the program!

MODULO2 Adaptability and Pump System

Adaptability and Pump System

The MODULO2 can be fitted with various pumps: vacuum, GARDA system (combination of vacuum pump + emptying centrifugal pump and spreading gun) or spiral pump. It therefore offers effective solutions to all users. Next to an efficient pump system, the comfort of use and the machine specifications can further be improved thanks to specific modules for filling or unloading arm (“JUMBO” front arm on the left/right, self-supporting double arm, dorsal boom or unloading arm), mixing systems into the tank (hydraulic or air mixer), etc. In short: a tanker 100% adaptable to your needs!

MODULO2 Spreading Implements

Spreading Implements

Moving the running gear to the back is often essential for good load distribution when adding an injection implement on the MODULO2. However, with a PENDITWIST BASIC or PENDISLIDE BASIC spreading boom (6 - 7.5 m), this shift is very limited.

Special Features


Discover our super-equipped MODULO2 Series at a very attractive price

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