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Double-axle vehicle with high volume for all your intensive works!



Capacities (l)

from 16000 to 20000


Double axle



QUADRA General Points

General Points

The safe bet of the JOSKIN range! The QUADRA  slurry tanker is a double-axle vehicle with a capacity from 16,000 l to 20,000 l and a fully independent chassis. It is ideal for contractors or cattle farmers for their intensive transport or spreading works. The chassis includes anchoring points so that an integrated linkage can be easily fitted at any time to add a spreading implement such as an injector or spreading boom. The QUADRA  slurry tanker is as a standard fitted with a hydraulic Hydro-Tandem running gear, which ensures a uniform load distribution and an optimum stability (and therefore more safety).


QUADRA Independent Chassis

Independent Chassis

The independent chassis (300 x 100 x 10 mm) with a width of 900 mm complies with the European legislation regarding certification, even with wheels with a large diameter and width. The "universal" independent chassis is designed and pre-equipped for an integrated linkage to add any type of spreading implements. Therefore, all the stress is sent back to the universal chassis and not to the tank, as the tank is ultimately only a bolted passenger.

QUADRA Short and Compact Tank

Short and Compact Tank

The QUADRA tank is characterised by its compactness. With a high tank diameter (Ø 1,900 mm for 16,000 l, Ø 2,000 mm for 18,000 l and Ø 2,100 mm for 20,000 l), this slurry tanker is very compact, which is ideal for narrow places. The tanks are standard manufactured from 6-mm thick galvanised high tensile steel complying with the EN707 (pitching) safety standard. Reinforced brackets are welded under the tank, over its entire length, in order to bolt the tank on the chassis.

QUADRA Running gear

Running gear

The QUADRA is standard fitted with a “Hydro-Tandem” running gear (+/- 24 cm clearance) ensuring an outstanding stability on hills, a 100% even load distribution and an optimal road holding. Furthermore, the hydraulic suspension adapts perfectly to the terrain in order to remain steady and comfortable when in use. In short: the "carefree” driving solution! The QUADRA is also standard equipped with a rear free steering axle.

QUADRA Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

The QUADRA slurry tanker is standard fitted with a short and narrow drawbar on which the vacuum pump is placed. This design allows to take very tight turns and once again strengthens its reputation as the ideal vehicle for narrow places. The drawbar on the QUADRA is fitted with a cross spring suspension with height adjustment. The hydropneumatic drawbar suspension is available as an option. Whatever the configuration, comfort is therefore a priority for Joskin!

QUADRA An Evolutionary Tanker

An Evolutionary Tanker

The QUADRA slurry tanker has the advantage to allow evolution, depending on the options you chose at the beginning, with the possibility to add all spreading implements from the JOSKIN programme, the various pump systems, etc. Your choice is therefore not fixed nor irrevocable: it is adaptable and smart!

Special Features

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