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Off-road transport tanker!



Capacities (l)

from 21000 to 28000


Triple axle




TETRALINER General Points

General Points

The TETRALINER slurry tanker is specially designed to transport high volumes from the farm to the field in order to supply your furthest spreading tankers. Available with a capacity from 21,000 l to 28,000 l, this machine is a high-performance and economical implement for all your slurry spreading works. In this way, your specialised spreading tanker can remain on the field while the TETRALINER ensures its supply. Equipped with "truck” type wheels or wider wheels (optional), it is characterised by its versatility during transport, regardless of the conditions or the nature of the terrain: asphalt road or path, the TETRALINER goes everywhere!


TETRALINER Self-Supporting Structure

Self-Supporting Structure

“Self-supporting” means that the chassis and the tank of the TETRALINER form one single structure. This type of construction allows the centre of gravity to be kept as low as possible, while maintaining a large clearance for the running gear suspension. Another advantage is the considerable reduction in the empty weight of the vehicle and the logical increase in the legally permissible load.

TETRALINER Road Running Gear

Road Running Gear

The "T" type TETRALINER is equipped as standard with a "leaf suspension" of the axles for a stable road holding and a certain traction ease. The galvanised “V-shaped open” drawbar is usually hitched in high position (approx. 1 m above the ground) to the tractor. The “RL” type TETRALINER is standard fitted with an air suspension of the axles, just like the one on truck trailers. This suspension provides an exceptional driving comfort, even at high speed (up to 60 km/h). The TETRALINER RL is also standard equipped with a fixed drawbar on a turntable (“Dolly” drawbar). The rear pivot point ensures that the drawbar transfers load, and therefore weight, to the back side of the tractor: nothing better for a good traction in difficult conditions! In both configurations, the TETRALINER is not limited regarding the steering angle and can therefore take sharp bends. With the agricultural wheels, it can reach fields to be spread via paths that cannot be accessed by trucks. With wheels up to 570 mm wide and a diameter up to 1,250 mm, this vehicle will pass where the limit of road wheels is reached.

TETRALINER High Maneuverability

High Maneuverability

This road vehicle with low centre of gravity is very maneuverable thanks to the standard turntable and the standard rear free steering axle on the RL version (option on T version). Whether it travels at low speed for delicate maneuvers or at high speed (up to 60 km/h depending on the national requirements of the countries) on tracks or roads, it is the ideal transport implement to meet all logistical needs.


Pump System

The TETRALINER slurry tanker can be equipped with a vacuum pump or a volumetric lobe pump. The vacuum pump is fitted in the “V-shaped” drawbar in order to protect it from any accidental contact with the tractor wheels. The lobe pump is placed at the back of the tank and has a hydraulic drive. Next to an efficient pump system, the comfort of use and the machine specifications can further be improved thanks to specific modules for a filling or unloading arm (“JUMBO” front arm on the left/right, unloading arm, etc.).

TETRALINER Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

The TETRALINER slurry tanker can be fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily adapt to many options, either at the time of the order or later as kits to be fitted afterwards (even years after the machine left the factory). Among the most interesting options, you can find: an upper filling access, a mixer inside the tank to homogenise the liquid during transport, plus many more!

Special Features


Discover our super-equipped TETRALINER Series at a very attractive price

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