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And the winner is: Volumetra (Machine of the Year 2017, SIMA Paris, France)! Compact, self-supporting, light tanker with large volume and low centre of gravity!



Capacities (l)

from 12500 to 28000


Double axle
Triple axle








VOLUMETRA General points

General points

The Volumetra slurry tanker is a compact vehicle with self-supporting tubular structure. The integrated chassis ensures a very low centre of gravity and an unmatched maneuverability, even with very wide tyres. The international agricultural press recognized the merits of this tanker by awarding it the title of Machine of the Year 2017 at the SIMA agricultural trade show in Paris. Available with a double axle and a capacity from 12,500 l to 20,000 l or with a triple axle and a capacity from 20,000 l to 28,000 l, it has been one of the best-selling JOSKIN slurry tankers for several years. The success of this range lies undoubtedly in its design: low centre of gravity, light self-supporting tank with integrated chassis, hot-dip galvanisation of most components, versatility of the offered pump systems, large choice of filling tools, pre-equipment for wide injectors and spreading booms (standard), etc. In short, the professional solution for professionals!


VOLUMETRA Self-Supporting Monocoque Tank

Self-Supporting Monocoque Tank

The VOLUMETRA  has a sturdy and light design with a low centre of gravity for an outstanding weight/maneuverability ratio. The tanks are standard manufactured from 6-mm thick galvanised high tensile steel to meet the EN707 (pitching) safety standard. The chassis is welded by a robot under the tank, over its entire length. The drawbar and the running gear are bolted onto the chassis. It is also the chassis that takes the stress and traction forces caused in particular by the possible spreading implement.

VOLUMETRA Running gear

Running gear

All VOLUMETRA tankers are fitted with a bolted hydraulic running gear (up to 25 cm clearance!). This concept is particularly useful because a slurry tanker is usually an investment for several years (or even generations) and requirements can vary over time. The running gear can be moved forwards or backwards to adapt the load distribution, e.g. when adding a spreading implement at the back of the machine. The hydraulic running gear ensures an outstanding stability on hills, a 100% even load distribution and optimal road holding conditions, which are strengthened by a low center of gravity. Furthermore, the hydraulic suspension adapts perfectly to the terrain in order to remain steady and comfortable when in use. In short: the "trouble-free” driving solution! The VOLUMETRA type D (double axle) is standard fitted with a Hydro-Tandem running gear with rear free steering axle, while the T version (triple axle) includes a Hydro-Tridem running gear with double self-steering system (first and last axles) and a front lifting axle (for travels with empty vehicle) in its standard equipment.

VOLUMETRA Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

The VOLUMETRA slurry tanker is standard fitted with “V-Y-shaped” drawbar housing the pump system to protect it from any accidental contact with the tractor wheels. With a lobe pump, it is not located in the drawbar, but at the vehicle side, in order to provide an easy and quick access for the maintenance of the pump lobes. The drawbar of the VOLUMETRA is specially designed to strengthen the features of a compact vehicle. The drawbar of the VOLUMETRA is fitted with silent-blocks or a hydropneumatic suspension (depending on the model). Comfort is therefore a priority to Joskin!

VOLUMETRA Versatility and Pump System

Versatility and Pump System

The VOLUMETRA slurry tanker can be equipped with all available pump systems: vacuum, Storm (centrifugal emptying pump), Vacu-Storm (combination of a vacuum pump and a centrifugal pump), GARDA-JULIA system (vacuum pump and centrifugal pump with spreading gun), spiral or lobe pump. It therefore offers effective solutions to all users. Next to an efficient pump system, the comfort of use and the machine specifications can further be improved thanks to specific modules for a filling or unloading arm (“JUMBO” front arm on the left/right, self-supporting double arm, dorsal boom or unloading arm), mixing systems into the tank (hydraulic or air mixer), etc. In short: a tanker 100% adaptable to your needs!

VOLUMETRA Linkage and Implement Feeding

Linkage and Implement Feeding

The VOLUMETRA is standard equipped with fixing points to add an “integrated” linkage (option), which allows to fit all spreading and injection implements from the JOSKIN range, including the widest end heaviest ones, with a 4-point or 3-point hitch. The integration of the linkage makes the VOLUMETRA more compact and allows to keep an ideal weight on the eyelet, even with a very wide spreading boom. Another advantage is that the spreading implement is brought as close as possible to the back of the tank for a reduced overhang. The distance between the tank and the linkage hooks is kept as short as possible in order to maximise the load distribution. The implement is fed through the upper side of the tank. In this way, hoses wear less and the distance the liquid has to travel between the tank and the implement is shorter, which results in more capacity and less load losses.

Special Features


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