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The XXL multi-nozzle boom for ground-level spreading!





General Points

The JOSKIN Multitwist XXL multi-nozzle boom enables the slurry to be spread evenly over widths from 18 to 27 m. This spreading implement consists of main pipes (Ø 125 mm) supported by triangular frames. Each of them has distributor pipes with a 1.50 m spacing. Each of these has a splash plate at its end, which lays the slurry close to the ground in the form of "umbrella mats". This considerably reduces the wind uptake when spreading as well as ammonia losses.


MULTITWIST XXL Simple and Efficient Design

Simple and Efficient Design

The Multitwist XXL boom is a very economical and simple solution for quality spreading over working widths from 18 to 27 m. It has a simple structure with a low tare weight and a reduced purchase price. It is protected by hot-dip galvanisation, making it durable over time and insensitive to the circumstances of the working environment. It is also characterised by its four-point frame, which allows to hitch the boom on a rear linkage. In addition, given the large working width, JOSKIN has installed an automatic locking device (during the boom (un-)folding operations) and a passive slope position adjustment, which reduces the strains the boom is subjected to on uneven ground and allows the boom to follow the slope if the terrain requires it.

MULTITWIST XXL Distribution Box and Direct Supply

Distribution Box and Direct Supply

The slurry is first fed out of the tanker into a large-volume distribution box. This has a deflector plate which separates the slurry from any foreign bodies and then divides it into two equal proportions. The deflector plate, acting as a stone collection system, deflects the foreign bodies to a quick outlet to allow them to be discharged evenly. The slurry then leaves this box through hoses and is finally conveyed in a direct line to the distribution heads. This box also has a 6" flanged straight outlet as standard, which allows, for example, to fit an exact scatterer (optional) to fertilise narrower areas than the standard spreading width of the Multitwist XXL boom.

MULTITWIST XXL Adjustable Scatterers

Adjustable Scatterers

The spreading pipes are fitted with adjustable splash plates. This means that the shape and horizontality of the "umbrella mat" can be adjusted to the viscosity of the material to be spread. It is therefore always possible to achieve a homogeneous distribution, regardless of the nature of the liquid product. In addition, the spreading cones are equipped with a quick coupling system. In case of clogging, the foreign material is easily evacuated (no tool needed).

MULTITWIST XXL Hydraulic Folding, Twist System and Anti-Crash Device

Hydraulic Folding, Twist System and Anti-Crash Device

All spreading booms are fitted with the hydraulic folding system, which has an insignificant overhang and does not affect at all the driving of the carriage. During transport, the whole is secured by a boom clipping system that has a height adjustment device and a craddle with a shock absorbing rubber. The hydraulic folding rams are positioned at an angle, and not vertically, to better hold the boom in position (reduction of the swinging movement). The Multitwist is fitted with the "Twist" anti-drip system (JOSKIN patent - 150° rotation) which allows the spreading pipes to be positioned vertically for transport, thus avoiding accidental loss of slurry during your journeys on public roads. The wings of the JOSKIN spreading booms are equipped as standard with the anti-crash device and the fitting of the anti-drip hydraulic ram ends on oblongs. This system allows the wings to pivot if the boom comes into contact with the ground (e.g. on a slope) and to level it.

MULTITWIST XXL Spreading Width Increased by 3 m

Spreading Width Increased by 3 m

Would you like to increase your spreading width later on? Nothing could be easier! JOSKIN offers the option of fitting the Multitwist XXL booms with a pair of 1.5 m extensions to be bolted to both ends of the 18 and 21-m booms.

Special Features