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Precision spreading without wind resistance



Spreading width (m)

from 9 to 12


Line Spreading Booms with Skids

PENDISLIDE General Points

General Points

The Pendislide is a fully galvanised line spreading boom, available in 9 m and 12 m and whose particularity is that it is equipped with Ertalon skids that allow the slurry to be applied with even greater precision to growing vegetation, without contaminating the plants. Thanks to these skids, the line spreading hoses perfectly follow the ground and ensure an even slurry distribution on the surface to be spread. The machine is made up of a triangular structure articulated on a central frame and supporting line spreading hoses that are fixed with a regular spacing (25 or 30 cm). The boom is fixed on the tanker by means of a 4-point hydraulic linkage and is fitted with a hydraulic folding system. Connecting spacers, attached to the 4-point linkage, allow to adjust the height of the boom. As an option, the working width can be reduced. For an even more precise spreading, this boom can be equipped with a section control that, thanks to an ISOBUS control and a GPS system, locates the areas that have already been fertilised and automatically closes the appropriate injection hoses.




The wear-resistant and ultra-light Ertalon skids lay the slurry directly on the ground, at the base of the vegetation, without the plants being dirty. Thanks to these skids on flexible leaves, the line spreading hoses perfectly follow the ground and ensure an even slurry distribution on the surface to be spread.

PENDISLIDE Eccentric SCALPER Macerator

Eccentric SCALPER Macerator

The vertical macerator is of utmost importance in order to make sure the spreading implement works properly. The 9-m spreading booms have one single macerator, while the booms from 12 m have two of them in order to get a greater reactivity at the beginning of the spreading phase and to reduce load losses (slurry is more uniformly spread). This macerator has a variable opening of the counter blade, which allows an extremely precise dosing of the quantity to be spread, regardless of the desired flow. A hand-accessible thumbwheel allows the operator to change the flow rate according to the type and quantity of material to be spread. The macerator has a single knife unit in the form of a diabolo that rotates eccentrically on the Hardox counter blade for an even distribution. The central venting system through the middle of the diabolo with two inlets allows a smooth flow in the various hoses to the ground, without suction effect. This compact macerator is equipped with quick-opening side covers and a stone trap for a quick and easy maintenance.

PENDISLIDE Hydraulic Folding System

Hydraulic Folding System

The Pendislide line spreading booms with skids are fitted with the hydraulic folding system, which has an insignificant overhang and does not affect at all the driving of the carriage. During transport, the whole is secured by a boom clipping system that has a height adjustment device and a craddle with a shock absorbing rubber. The hydraulic folding system has diagonally positioned hydraulic rams (not vertically) to better hold the boom in position (reduction of the swinging movement). For a higher safety, when the boom is folded, the position of the macerators is pointed inwards in order not to exceed the boom size.


TWIST Anti-Drip System, LOCK MATIC Security

The Pendislide is standard fitted with the (double acting) anti-drip lifting device with Twist system. It allows a transport in a very clean way thanks to the complete rotation of the line spreading hoses, which prevents any loss of slurry on the road as well as in the fields when maneuvering. This Twist system pivots the boom at 150°. Next to the anti-drip function, it has other advantages, such as a small overhang, or the optional fitting of an exact scatterer (without having to remove the spreading boom), in order to fertilise the smallest areas.



The Pendislide is standard fitted with the anti-crash device that provides an extra safety when working on hilly ground. When spreading on bumpy ground, the springs and articulations on each boom wing retract the boom ends (max. 60 cm) if they come into contact with the ground. Since the wings are fitted at the end of the oblong holes, they can pivot and their height can be adjusted.

Special Features

Standard equipment

  • Folding by 2 hydraulic rams with hydraulic safety device (DA)
  • SCALPER-Vario© vertical macerator(s) (with variable flow by adjusting the counter blade) (1 on PS1 model and 2 on PS2 model) with 6? manual flow control valve(s) and stone trap
  • "High back" structure with 3rd point, chains to adjust the height and elevator for the boom linkage
  • Locking of the boom in transport position by means of clamps
  • Connection pipe (6'') between the tanker and the implement
  • Integrated anti-drip lifting device (TWIST SYSTEM) (DA)
  • Shear-bolt anti-crash safety device (100 cm) - folding of the ends in case of obstacles
  • Continuous pipes from the macerator to the ground (25 or 30 cm spacing depending on the model)
  • Linking crosspieces (to adjust the height) and storing stands
  • Single bulb road lights
  • Fully galvanised boom

Advised assembly

  • See appendix with compatibility table
  • ATTENTION: difficulty may arise when fitting the suction pipes on some models
  • Maximum tank Ø: 2.100 mm
  • Transport width depends on the tank Ø:
    • tank Ø from 1.800 to 1.900 mm: 2.885 mm
    • tank Ø from 2.000 to 2.100 mm: 2.985 mm