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Line spreading boom with skids, sturdy structure, perfectly following the ground relief for a higher spreading precision



Spreading width (m)

from 12 to 18


Line Spreading Booms with Skids


General Points

Available with a 12, 13.5, 15 or 18-m width and a 25-cm spacing, the Pendislide Pro is an ideal line spreading boom with skids to fertilise meadows or young plants. Its efficiency and precision are maximum. Even for such working widths, the design of the frame, combined with the action of the gauge wheels, allows to keep all skids on the ground, even on uneven terrain. Thanks to a pendulum system integrated into the frame, this boom increases the spreading precision by perfectly following the ground relief. Thanks to its wear-resistant Ertalon skids, it applies slurry on the ground after making a slight furrow and spreading the vegetation, in order to bring the nutrients as close as possible to the roots, without soiling the plants. In addition, a traditional hydraulic "4-point" linkage is not necessary on most tankers; a fixed frame is enough. A section control system with manual valves or air balloons is available as an option. For an even more precise spreading, the section control can be managed by an ISOBUS system with GPS, which will locate the areas that have already been fertilised and automatically closes the appropriate injection hoses.


PENDISLIDE PRO Sturdy and Ingenious Structure

Sturdy and Ingenious Structure

The Pendislide Pro does not require a traditional 4-point linkage with a wheel diameter lower than or equal to 1,675 mm (e.g. 750/60R30.5). The four hydraulic rams activate the anti-drip system (Twist), raise the boom above the mudguards for transport and lower it in order to spread. This assembly also allows the use of an exact scatterer. During manoeuvres, when the anti-drip system is lifted (at the row end), a pendulum effect is ensured by the 4 hydraulic rams. On hilly grounds, this horizontal balance protects the boom and ensures the required flexibility between the boom and tanker. The boom is made of galvanised steel for a full resistance. Its frame is made up of steel sections, which are cut in the JOSKIN factories by a very modern and precise laser-tube. The exclusive use of industrial knee-joints on the frame ensures a high wear resistance and even if they are subject to high strains, they have a long lifespan and a reduced maintenance time. The skids are attached by wide fastenings to the hoses, which are fastened by moulded parts without sharp angles and edges. Furthermore, some leaves cross the frame from one end to the other in order to ensure a very sturdy structure (male/female assembly). As an option, the Ertalon skids can be replaced by cast steel models to prevent any premature wear of the Ertalon in the event of rocky terrains. Stands are integrated to place the boom on the ground.

PENDISLIDE PRO Optimal Follow-Up of the Ground, Even on Hills

Optimal Follow-Up of the Ground, Even on Hills

When spreading, the 2 gauge wheels with scrapers, one on each side of the boom, protect the boom from all strains by perfectly following the ground relief. In this way, and thanks to the independent movements on the left and right sides of the boom, the different parts of the structure can move freely and, in this way, all skids can optimally remain in contact with the floor. The position of the Ertalon skids (with 45° angle to the ground) allows to ideally follow the unevennesses in all circumstances. For very steep areas, the skids can go down to 250 mm under the zero level, while the upwards movement is unlimited. The flexion of the 70 mm bended leaves compensates any small unevenness. The pressure of the skids on the HARDOX leaves is usually adjusted between 7 and 9 kg. It can also be increased or lowered through the gauge wheels, according to the desired pressure.


Eccentric SCALPER Macerator

The macerator is of utmost importance in order to make sure the spreading implement works properly. Regardless of the spreading width, the Pendislide Pro is equipped as standard with two vertical macerators to reduce the reaction time at the start of the spreading work as well as the pressure losses (more even spreading pattern). They have a variable opening of the counter blade, which allows an extremely precise dosing of the quantity to be spread, regardless of the desired flow. A hand-accessible thumbwheel allows the operator to change the flow rate according to the type and quantity of material to be spread. The macerators have a single knife unit in the form of a diabolo that rotates eccentrically on the Hardox counter blade for an even distribution. The central venting system through the middle of the diabolo with two inlets allows a smooth flow in the various hoses to the ground, without suction effect. These compact macerators are equipped with quick-opening side covers and a stone trap for a quick and easy maintenance.

PENDISLIDE PRO Folding System, Twist System and Security

Folding System, Twist System and Security

Steered valves on the hydraulic rams as well as the support on which the boom is placed allow to lock the boom in folded position. Furthermore, the parts that touch each other during transportation are covered with Ertalon in order to prevent shocks and steel clinking. In order to smoothly unfold the boom, the speed of the rod of the hydraulic ram is reduced at its course end by means of shock absorbers on the hydraulic rams of the anti-drip system (and vice-versa). The boom is also – standard – fitted with an anti-crash safety device (of 80 cm), which allows the outer parts of the boom to retract in case of shock. When spreading on bumpy ground, the springs and articulations on each boom wing retract the ends (max. 55 cm) if they come into contact with the ground. Since the wings are fitted at the end of the oblong holes, they can pivot and their height can be adjusted. The Pendislide Pro is standard fitted with the (double acting) anti-drip lifting device with Twist system. It allows a transport in a very clean way thanks to the complete rotation of the line spreading hoses, which prevents any loss of slurry on the road as well as in the fields when maneuvering. This Twist system pivots the boom at 150°. Next to the anti-drip function, it has other advantages, such as a small overhang, or the optional fitting of an exact scatterer (without having to remove the spreading boom), in order to fertilise the smallest areas.

PENDISLIDE PRO Anti-crash safety device

Anti-crash safety device

In addition, the JOSKIN booms are all standard fitted with the anti-crash device that offers an extra safety when working on hilly ground. When spreading on bumpy ground, the springs and articulations on each boom wing retract the ends (max. 55 cm) if they come into contact with the ground. Since the wings are fitted at the end of the oblong holes, they can pivot and their height can be adjusted.

Special Features