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Versatile disc injector, ideal for high-precision spreading



Working width (m)

from 3.01 to 7.74


Meadow Injectors

SOLODISC General Points

General Points

The Solodisc is a versatile disc injector, ideal for high-precision spreading on all types of arable lands, and especially on meadows. Available with several working widths, it is made of a galvanised single-beam frame with free-steering elements. Each of them is fully galvanised and fitted with a pair of discs, with a 21.5-cm spacing, followed by injection cones. Thanks to the large diameter of the discs (Ø 406 mm x 19 mm), it can also work on stubble fields, young plants, and also on meadows. Its special feature is the adjustable working depth (max. 6 cm), which is kept constant by applying a continuous pressure on the linkage. For a more precise spreading, this injector can be equipped with a section control that, thanks to an ISOBUS control and a GPS system, locates the areas that have already been fertilised and automatically closes the appropriate injection hoses.


SOLODISC Structure and Working Principle

Structure and Working Principle

The Solodisc is made up of a galvanised single-beam frame with free-steering elements that are each fitted with a pair of discs (Ø 406 mm x 19 mm) followed by 2-position injection cones. The discs have a 21.5 cm spacing. As far as the injection cone is concerned, it is made up of a galvanised spout, an anti-drip pincer and a very flexible injection cone in profiled rubber. The ideal working depth is 3 cm. It can be adjusted (0-6 cm) and it is kept constant by means of the application of a constant pressure on the linkage. The pressure has simply to be changed by means of an easy-to-reach handle to adjust the working depth. This adjustment is usually made at the beginning of the work and is easily adapted according to the soil moisture and conditions at the time. Springs on the free-steering elements are used as mechanical shock absorbers and push the discs on the ground with a given pressure. Furthermore, they limit the injection depth variations and allow a vertical movement of each element of approx. 20 cm in order to face transverse ground unevenness. As an option, the springs can be replaced by a hydraulic cross-compensation system keeping the same ground pressure for each element (communicating vessels principle). Regarding the compactness for journeys on public roads, the models that are more than 3 m wide are fitted with a double acting (DA) hydraulic folding system in order to comply with the required transport width. Once the injector is folded, the elements on the upper arms are kept in position by a locking system. A simple notch prevents each element from making a rotation round its axis and from falling down. The elements remain thus very rigid in relation to the vibrations due to transport. The folding system is also fitted with the Lock-Matic© automatic locking in order to enhance the driving safety as much as possible, namely on the road. This locking device is operated by the same hydraulic function as the folding system, thanks to the steered valves.



The Solodisc injector has easily interchangeable discs to adapt the machine to all your needs. Self-sharpening discs (Ø 406 mm x 19 mm) are standard fitted on all machines. Made of cast steel, they are very sturdy, and therefore everlasting. Another model is available as an option: Ø 300 x 3 mm with share. They are combined to groove widening shares in order to keep a high spreading volume. They are fitted on oversized, watertight hubs with conical bearings, which can be tightened up. You will minimise the costs of this machine for many years, notably thanks to the very sturdy bearings for the 406-mm discs. The discs make a groove in the ground (max. 6-cm deep, depending on the ground condition), while the injection cone homogeneously lays the slurry in the middle of this groove without splashing the plants. In this way, slurry can penetrate faster into the ground. After the disc has done its work and the slurry has been injected, the groove closes naturally due to the normal pressure of the soil ("ice skate" effect).



The JOSKIN injectors are standard fitted with mechanical anti-drip pincers preventing any loss of slurry on headlands and ensuring a careful and even slurry injection at the beginning and at the end of a working line. These pincers are mechanically opened and closed by the lifting system. They automatically open the injection hose as soon as the injection element hits the ground (and inversely when the element leaves it). Each pincer is fitted with a rounded jaw and a pinching stop in order to limit the wear to the rubber injection cone as much as possible. They can be replaced by hydraulic pincers (option) that lock the injection hose by means of a return spring and free it through the hydraulic ram effect.

SOLODISC Free-Steering Elements

Free-Steering Elements

The injection elements are made up of 2 outlets and are fixed to the frame by means of an axis. They can pivot by 30° in bends (15° to the left and 15° to the right) without lifting the machine nor damaging the meadow. These free-steering elements are fully galvanised for a long lifespan.

SOLODISC Scalper Macerator

Scalper Macerator

As slurry (especially cattle slurry) contains fibres and foreign substances, it is essential to have an efficient macerator for the injector to work properly. Yet, a blocked opening means an uneven spreading pattern. The user therefore has to stop working and clean the machine, which is quite constraining! The JOSKIN solution is the patented system of macerator with cutting and self-sharpening discs: the JOSKIN SCALPER©. The cutting system of the SCALPER© is merciless: free rotating circular blades are fitted on a knife holder driven by a hydraulic motor. There is a scissor effect between the circular blades and the arched and off-centre elliptical openings of the counter blade (HARDOX), inevitably cutting all materials that can appear in the slurry. If the blades hit something hard, the rotation direction of the SCALPER© is reversed by the ‘‘Switch-Matic’’ system (option) until the obstacle is chopped. Furthermore, an electric reverser with manual control is installed in the cab for all rear implements with automaton. The JOSKIN macerator is assembled by fitting and clipping. A multi-position manual valve, fixed at the macerator inlet, provides a step by step adjustment of the injector feeding. The precise adjustment is carried out by means of the pressure relief valve and the chosen type of counter blade. The hydraulic circuit is isolated thanks to a cap. A drain cap can be used to detect a possible defect in the hydraulic seal.

Special Features

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