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Meadow Injectors

SOLODISC General Points

General Points

The Solodisc meadow injector is the ideal multi-functional implement for a highly precise spreading on your meadows. Furthermore, thanks to the large diameter of its discs (Ø 406 mm), it can also work on stubble fields or on young plants.

SOLODISC Structure and Design

Structure and Design

The Solodisc is made up of free steering elements that are fully galvanized and each fitted with a pair of discs, followed by a 2-position injection cone. The discs are placed at a distance of 21.5 cm from each other. As far as the injection cone is concerned, it is made up of a galvanized spout, an anti-drip pincer and a very flexible injection cone of profiled rubber.
The working depth can be adjusted (max. 6 cm) and is kept constant by means of the application of a constant pressure on the linkage. The pressure has simply to be modified, by means of an adjusting wheel, to adapt the working depth.
Besides, springs are used as mechanical shock absorbers and push the discs on the ground with a given pressure. Furthermore, they limit the injection depth variations and allow a vertical movement of each element of approx. 14 cm in order to face transverse ground unevenness. As an option, the springs can be replaced by a hydraulic cross-compensation system keeping the same ground pressure for each element (communicating vessels principle).



The Solodisc injector is also characterized by easily interchangeable discs. As a result, it is very easy to adapt the machine to your own needs. Self-sharpening discs (Ø 406 mm x 19 mm) are standard mounted on all machines. Made of cast steel, they are very resistant, and therefore everlasting. Another model is available as an option: Ø 300 x 3 mm with share. They allow to somewhat lighten the injector. They are combined to groove widening shares in order to keep a high spreading volume.
The discs are mounted on hubs with (tightening) conical bearings, which are hermetically closed and over-dimensioned. Because of the resistance of the Ø 406 mm discs, the Solodisc requires less maintenance, even if it has been used for years.

SOLODISC Macerator


The macerator-chopper allows to homogeneously distribute slurry over the whole injector width. Thanks to its system of self-sharpening knives, the waste in the slurry (silage, straw, wood chips, etc.) is cut and chopped in order to prevent hose blockage. Furthermore, if bigger parts get into the macerator but cannot go through the hoses, a system will reverse the rotation direction of the knives until they are chopped.

Strong points of the range

General Points

Meadow injectors make it possible to inject slurry in the ground while avoiding damages to the surface dressing as much as possible.
They are mounted on identical galvanized frames. This standardization makes it possible to interchange the spreading elements.
These single-beam frames are made of high tensile steel offering the best compromise between strength and lightness.
The highly compact design and the folding system of the injector lead to a particularly limited overhang, which allows to significantly reduce the strains at the back of the slurry tanker.


JOSKIN injectors are standard fitted with mechanical anti-drip pincers that automatically release the injection pipe when the injection element hits the ground (and inversely when the element leaves it).

Each pincer is fitted with a rounded jaw and a pinching stop in order to limit the wear to the rubber injection cone as much as possible. They can be replaced by hydraulic pincers.

Free steering elements

The injection elements are made up of 2 outlets and are fixed to the frame by means of an axis. They can pivot by 30° in bends (15° to the left and 15° to the right) without lifting the machine nor damaging the meadow.


Models that are more than 3 m wide are fitted with a double acting (DA) hydraulic folding system in order to respect the prescribed transport width.

In this case, the folding system is fitted with the Lock-Matic© automatic locking in order to enhance the driving safety as much as possible, namely on the road. This locking device is operated by the same hydraulic function as the folding system, thanks to the steered valves.
Meadow Injectors


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