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2-in-1 solution: harrow with light discs and slurry injection.



Working width (m)

from 4 to 6


Arable Injectors

TERRADISC2 General Points

General Points

The Terradisc2 is an injector with light discs (Ø 510 mm). It is available with a working width of 4 m, 5 m or 6 m and combines two actions: slurry injection and stubble ploughing in order to loosen the ground. It can work up to 10 cm deep. The discs are fitted on 2 rows with rotation in opposite direction. A wide spacing (800 mm) between the rows prevents clogging with soil and crop residues. The injection hoses (Ø 60 mm) are placed behind the first row of discs and inject the slurry with a 12.5 cm row spacing. The second row of discs then covers the slurry. This injector is a real specialist in stubble ploughing and is appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency!




The Terradisc2 is an injector with light toothed discs with a diameter of 510 mm. They are fitted on 2 rows with rotation in opposite direction. A wide spacing (800 mm) between the rows prevents clogging with soil and crop residues. Every disc has its own independent hub with durable, watertight ball bearings with oil bath lubrication. Maintenance time is therefore reduced to a minimum. The elements are connected to the frame by a system of silent-blocks with 4 rubber shock absorbers, which absorb all vertical strains and do not require any frequent lubrication, unlike alternative systems. Every row of discs has a deflector plate on each end that allows to easily see the effective working width (without overlapping).

TERRADISC2 Scalper Macerator

Scalper Macerator

As slurry (especially cattle slurry) contains fibres and foreign substances, it is essential to have an efficient macerator for the injector to work properly. Yet, a blocked opening means an uneven spreading pattern. The user therefore has to stop working and clean the machine, which is quite constraining! The JOSKIN solution is the patented system of macerator with cutting and self-sharpening discs: the JOSKIN SCALPER©. The cutting system of the SCALPER© is merciless: free rotating circular blades are fitted on a knife holder driven by a hydraulic motor. There is a scissor effect between the circular blades and the arched and off-centre elliptical openings of the counter blade (HARDOX), inevitably cutting all materials that can appear in the slurry. If the blades hit something hard, the rotation direction of the SCALPER© is reversed by the ‘‘Switch-Matic’’ system (option) until the obstacle is chopped. Furthermore, an electric reverser with manual control is installed in the cab for all rear implements with automaton. The JOSKIN macerator is assembled by fitting and clipping. A multi-position manual valve, fixed at the macerator inlet, provides a step by step adjustment of the injector feeding. The precise adjustment is carried out by means of the pressure relief valve and the chosen type of counter blade. The hydraulic circuit is isolated thanks to a cap. A drain cap can be used to detect a possible defect in the hydraulic seal.

TERRADISC2 Gauge Wheels or Cage Roller

Gauge Wheels or Cage Roller

The Terradisc2 are equipped as a standard with rubber gauge wheels. These 200/60-14.5 wheels (Ø 610 x 210 mm) are fitted before the first row of discs and allow to adjust the working depth. Several levels from 3 to 10 cm are possible. In the event of "heavy" earth, this adjustment solution is optimal. For light and sandy grounds, the functionality of the wheels can be taken over by cage rollers (optional) with a diameter of 450 mm. They in turn are also mechanically adjustable according to the desired working depth. The cage roller breaks up the remaining clods and presses the worked soil for an ideal contact between the ground and the slurry.



The Terradisc2 are standard fitted with a 3-point hitch of category II/III-N. They can therefore be used as a plough behind the tractor or as a plough-injector with an umbilical system.

TERRADISC2 Hydraulic Folding System

Hydraulic Folding System

The Terradisc2 disc injectors are easy to fold thanks to the action of the powerful hydraulic rams. In transport position, the total width of the Terradisc2 does not exceed 3 m.

Special Features

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