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Arable injector with spring tines on three rows for deep slurry injection, ideal on heavy and stony grounds and for intensive ground loosening!



Working width (m)

from 4.4 to 6


Arable Injectors

TERRAFLEX/3 General Points

General Points

The Terraflex/3 arable injector is made of a galvanised double-beam frame with three rows of Everstrong spring tines (h.: 680 mm) with 6.5-cm wide shares at their ends. The shape of the tines allows a better loosening of the ground thanks to their vibrating effect, a good mixing of the vegetable residue and a perfect tearing of the plough soil for a better preparation of the seed bed. The wide opening of the shares ensures a very good flow of the slurry and a wide distribution. The distance between the tines is 40 cm, the distance between the 2 first rows is 70 cm and the distance between the second and third rows is 50 cm. This wide spacing prevents any clogging of the soil and crop residues as well as the "rake" effect. Slurry is usually injected on a 12 to 15 cm working depth. The standard gauge wheels allow to adjust and limit the injection depth. The flexibility of the spring tines protects the injector against damaging obstacles. The Terraflex/3 is a multipurpose injector, which is ideal for stony and non-sandy grounds as well as for a good mix of earth, slurry and stubble.


TERRAFLEX/3 Structure


Arable injectors make it possible to inject slurry deeply. They also loosen the ground. They are fastened on a double-beam frame reinforced by radiant crosspieces. The main advantage of this assembly is that it focuses the strains of the implement on the tanker, which then transfers them to the tractor. The stress is therefore reduced and the tank is not subjected to distortion. The basic frame is modular for all models: wide models are manufactured on the basis of the 2.65 m models with extensions. The frame of the injectors wider than 3 m are fitted with a double-acting hydraulic folding system with anti-twisting safety stop. The outer tines are self-retractable. All these implements are fitted with a certified road lighting system.

TERRAFLEX/3 Working Principle

Working Principle

The share opens the ground and the injection hose right behind the share lays the slurry on the ground. The vibrating effect of the tines increases their resistance to obstacles (stones...) and the hammering effect on heavy soil or hard clods. The working depth is adjusted by a central adjusting device on the two rubber gauge wheels 200/60-14.5 (Ø 605 x 210 mm). In order to choose the good compromise between rate, distribution and flow of organic manure, the row spacing of the Terraflex/3 is 40 cm. In the event of much stubble, this large space is ideal and makes it possible to better mix the crop residues with the soil, hence allowing the slurry to pass through more easily.

TERRAFLEX/3 Scalper Macerator

Scalper Macerator

As slurry (especially cattle slurry) contains fibres and foreign substances, it is essential to have an efficient macerator for the injector to work properly. Yet, a blocked opening means an uneven spreading pattern. The user therefore has to stop working and clean the machine, which is quite constraining! The JOSKIN solution is the patented system of macerator with cutting and self-sharpening discs: the JOSKIN SCALPER©. The cutting system of the SCALPER© is merciless: free rotating circular blades are fitted on a knife holder driven by a hydraulic motor. There is a scissor effect between the circular blades and the arched and off-centre elliptical openings of the counter blade (HARDOX), inevitably cutting all materials that can appear in the slurry. If the blades hit something hard, the rotation direction of the SCALPER© is reversed by the ‘‘Switch-Matic’’ system (option) until the obstacle is chopped. Furthermore, an electric reverser with manual control is installed in the cab for all rear implements with automaton. The JOSKIN macerator is assembled by fitting and clipping. A multi-position manual valve, fixed at the macerator inlet, provides a step by step adjustment of the injector feeding. The precise adjustment is carried out by means of the pressure relief valve and the chosen type of counter blade. The hydraulic circuit is isolated thanks to a cap. A drain cap can be used to detect a possible defect in the hydraulic seal.

TERRAFLEX/3 Stubble Plough

Stubble Plough

The injector is fitted with a support that can be hitched to the standardized 3-point linkage of a tractor. In this way, it can be used as a simple stubble plough or with an umbilical system.

TERRAFLEX/3 Hydraulic Folding System

Hydraulic Folding System

The Terraflex/3 injectors with a working width larger than 3 m are standard fitted with a hydraulic folding system. Folding is easy thanks to the action of the powerful hydraulic rams. In transport position, the total width of the Terraflex/3 does not exceed 2.65 m. The outer tines are self-retractable for more compactness during transport.

Special Features

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