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Arable Injectors

TERRAFLEX/3 General Points

General Points

The Terraflex models are fitted with spring tines fixed on wide spring leaves (Everstrong type) ended by a 6.5 cm wide reversible straight share.
These tines ensure:
an improved ground loosening thanks to the vibrating effect;
a good vegetable residue mixing;;
a perfectly torn plough soil and a better prepared seed bed;
a working depth ranging from 12 to 15 cm.

TERRAFLEX/3 Working principle

Working principle

The share makes a groove in the ground and the slurry is then laid down by the injection hose that is just behind the share. As they are vibrating, these tines are more resistant to obstacles (stones, etc.) but offer a less regular working depth.
The working depth is adjusted by a central adjusting device on the gauge wheels.
Like the Terrasoc, the Terraflex injector can be used as a stubble plough or with an umbilical system.

TERRAFLEX/3 Transport


In order not to exceed the maximum transport width and not to strike against obstacles, Terraflex/3 injectors are fitted with retractable outer tines.

TERRAFLEX/3 Row spacing

Row spacing

The row spacing of the Terraflex/3 is 30 or 40 cm. The tines are distributed on 3 rows, which leaves a bigger space between them. JOSKIN designed this injector to avoid blockages. It is thus particularly interesting when the vegetation is abundant.
The spacing between the 1st and 2nd row is moreover larger than between the 2nd and 3rd row.



Tines with 11 cm reversible and reinforced blue share (type Kongskilde Vibroflex) can replace the standard models. They are designed to bury and mix larger quantities of straw and vegetable residues.
Their specifications are:
two folds allowing to make the earth go up and the vegetable matter down;
a vertical area (above the share) to mix the plants and the ground in an optimal way;
a 11 cm width;
a further improved sturdiness;
a certain reversibility;
a design for mulch seeding;
a very good mechanical seeding effect (roots and seeds).

Strong points of the range


Arable injectors make it possible to inject slurry deeply. They also loosen the ground.

They are fastened on a galvanized double-beam frame reinforced by radiant crosspieces. The main advantage of this assembly is to focus the strains of the implement on the tanker, which then transfers them to the tractor. The stress is therefore reduced and the tank is not subjected to distortion.

The basic frame is modular for all models: large width models are manufactured on the basis of the 2.80 m models with extensions.

The frame of the injectors wider than 3 m are fitted with a double-acting hydraulic folding system with anti-twisting safety stop. All these implements are fitted with a road lighting system.
Arable Injectors


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