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Arable Injectors

TERRASOC General Points

General Points

The Terrasoc arable injector is fitted with rigid tines ended by flat duckfoot shares (24 cm wide) with a 40 cm spacing between them and a shear-bolt security. The shape of the tines and the wide serration of the shares prevent any clogging risks.

The advantages of this system are:

  • an efficient soil ploughing;
  • an injection depth ranging from 10 to 12 cm;
  • an outstanding stubble ploughing (the share best suited to mechanical weeding);
  • a smaller required tractor power (see here-after).
TERRASOC Working principle

Working principle

The slurry, flowing through a hose having the same shape as the tine, is laid down under the foot of the share making a groove in the ground. With the Terrasoc, slurry is injected over the whole width of the share (from 15 to 25 cm depending on the type of slurry and ground), which allows a high spacing between the tines, as well as a small tractor power.


  • The gauge wheels ensure a centralized adjustment of the working depth.
  • The tines are fitted with an individual 3-position adjustment of the depth by tightening or loosening the bolts at their fixing points on the frame.
  • The same principle allows to modify the sloping angle of the tines to loosen the ground more or less effectively.
TERRASOC Stubble plough

Stubble plough

The injector is fitted with a support that can be hitched to the standardized 3-point linkage of a tractor. In this way, it can be used as a simple stubble plough or with an umbilical system.


The model 5200/13SH can be fitted with an extra pair of gauge wheels. This larger width ensures a more precise adjustment and a better stability when working on fields.

Strong points of the range


Arable injectors make it possible to inject slurry deeply. They also loosen the ground.

They are fastened on a galvanized double-beam frame reinforced by radiant crosspieces. The main advantage of this assembly is to focus the strains of the implement on the tanker, which then transfers them to the tractor. The stress is therefore reduced and the tank is not subjected to distortion.

The basic frame is modular for all models: large width models are manufactured on the basis of the 2.80 m models with extensions.

The frame of the injectors wider than 3 m are fitted with a double-acting hydraulic folding system with anti-twisting safety stop. All these implements are fitted with a road lighting system.
Arable Injectors


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