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Water bowser in XL version!


Capacities (l)

6000 → 7000


Single axle


Water Bowsers

AQUATRANS XL General points

General points

The Aquatrans XL is a mobile water bowser to transport large volumes of water. Including all qualities of its little brother, this model benefits from a reinforced structure, which makes it particularly suited to intensive uses. Its specific design also provides it with impressive road qualities. Thanks to its bolted axle on a lightened self-supporting structure, this tanker has indeed a very low center of gravity ensuring a high stability as well as a real traction ease. The baffles in the tank allow to prevent water from sloshing during transport, thereby ensuring an ultimate driving comfort, while improving its sturdiness. Efficient brakes and a built-in lighting system complete the equipment for the Aquatrans XL to answer the call in all circumstances.


AQUATRANS XL Reduced Diameter for More Stability

Reduced Diameter for More Stability

Since water cannot be fastened during transport, the combination of a short and high tank always proves to be dangerous. That is why the JOSKIN Aquatrans are only available with a small diameter: Ø 1,400 mm (6000 S) or Ø 1,500 mm (7000 S). This keeps the centre of gravity especially low and reduces the risk of tipping over on sloping ground.

AQUATRANS XL Durable Light Structure

Durable Light Structure

The quality of the high tensile steel and the galvanized finishing ensure a long lifespan as well as outstanding sturdiness, compactness and lightness. The few painted parts are covered with a 2K quality paint for a maximal protection through time. The JOSKIN Aquatrans XL water bowsers can therefore remain without any problem all their life long outside in the meadows without getting damaged.

The cradle is present on the entire length of the tank and has two goals: it serves as a chassis but also as an anchoring point for the monoblock drawbar and the running gear. This configuration offers an outstanding strength and allows to considerably reduce the empty weight.

AQUATRANS XL Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

All Aquatrans XL water bowsers are standard equipped with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily fit various options, either at the time of the order or later (even years after the purchase). The most common options include different types of drinking troughs, centrifugal filling pumps, brakes, a wide choice of wheels or even lights, lamps, etc.

AQUATRANS XL Complete Basic Equipment

Complete Basic Equipment

Every JOSKIN Aquatrans XL is standard fitted with an upper manhole with large diameter (Ø 450 mm) that guarantees easy filling from above, without splashing thanks to a sufficiently fast air evacuation. It also has a lid with a quick-closing control that is hermetically sealed with a large gasket (industrial quality). In order to monitor the filling degree, all Aquatrans are equipped with a level gauge (transparent tube) protected by a deflector strip. In this way, any crushing by cattle rubbing against it in meadows or by the passage of tree branches during transport is avoided. At the back of the water bowser, there is a 2''1/2 crane as standard for a quick and precise dosing.


To drive on the road, all JOSKIN Aquatrans XL are standard fitted with double-circuit air brakes (hydraulic brakes available as an option), large-diameter wheels (400R22.5) for an easy traction and a good ground support, and approved lights to drive safely, even at night.

AQUATRANS XL Baffles to Secure Incomplete Loads

Baffles to Secure Incomplete Loads

Larger tankers, such as the Aquatrans XL, are often purchased for longer journeys. JOSKIN has therefore decided to include a large baffle in the standard equipment of the Aquatrans XL in order to slow down the dynamism of water, especially when travelling with a tank that is not fully filled.

Special Features