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ionicons-v5-a ionicons-v5-a

The 1,000 rpm version (direct connection) is usually more interesting, as it allows, in combination with the tractor P.T.O. rpm selector, to adjust the pump capacity to the required spreading flow. In addition, the pump running at a lower rpm saves engine power, which is beneficial for the tractor traction during spreading.

Disc seeder

Disc (or centrifugal) seeders are a simple and effective solution for distributing grass seed up to a 6 m spreading width. A low voltage electric motor drives a distribution disc, which then throws the seeds coming from the tank (capacity: 105 l).

Discharge Turbo

A discharge turbo, available in 6" (Ø 150 mm), 8" (Ø 200 mm) or 10" (Ø 250 mm) increases the speed of the slurry leaving the tank by acting as a hydraulically driven centrifugal pump. This option is particularly interesting when you want to spread thicker slurry over larger widths. It indeed propels the slurry and works against the slowing down effect caused by the frictional forces in the pipes of the spreading implements.

Among the most interesting options on the MULTI-ACTION injector is the addition of cutting discs in front of the shares. They are thin (3 mm for a Ø of 250 mm) and are mainly used to avoid the "rake" effect, i.e. the cutting of debris (grass, tree branches, etc.) before the injection.

Dolly Turntable
Running Gear

Some JOSKIN models are equipped with a Dolly turntable. This hybrid solution combines the advantages of a trailer with turntable (with a 360° steering angle) with those of a vehicle with "rigid drawbar" (weight at the eyelet, thus load transfer).

Door: Seal and Safety
Inner Accessories

The JOSKIN monocoque tipping trailers are fitted with very resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body (except Trans-KTP 17-22-27-34). Their door is kept closed by a side lock. This system ensures a perfect seal, even with the smallest seeds.

The doors on the JOSKIN tipping trailers are also equipped with two safety devices. The first one is a pressure relief valve. When the door cannot be fully closed (e.g. when there is an obstacle), it engages and regulates the oil pressure to prevent damage to the system. The second one is a double check valve on each door ram to hold the door in position if a hydraulic hose breaks or if the tractor stops.

Dorsal Boom
Accessories (Hydrocleaners)

The dorsal boom of the hydrocleaners has two circuits: one for suction and one for clean water injection. This allows you to liquefy the residues to be pumped (e.g. from gullies) and to facilitate the unblocking works.

The double exact scatterer is available as an option to double the spread rate per hectare at the same speed. A manual selector allows you to open and close the feeding valve to the second scatterer, as well as adjust the degree of opening of the valve (for a continuous flow rate from single to double dose).

Double Feeding

A double feeding system is nothing more than two tank outlets operating in parallel. This solution is very interesting when it comes to feeding wide implements, such as a spreading boom of 18 m or more.

The double Möscha applies the properties and advantages of the single model to a larger working width.

Double Oscillating Frame
Tipping System

The double oscillating frame on which the ram is mounted allows to absorb the torsions caused by the stresses when tipping and effectively protects the trailer from distortion.

Double Oscillating Frame
Tipping System

The double oscillating frame on which the hydraulic ram is fitted absorbs the torsion caused by the tipping stresses and effectively protects the tank from deformation.

Spreading in layers with a double scatterer with splash plate provides a spreading width of 15 m depending on the working conditions and the type of slurry.

X-Trem2 slurry tankers are fitted as standard with a double self-steering axle (comparable to that fitted on triple-axle vehicles). It offers an extraordinary manoeuvrability despite the presence of 'gigantic' wheels (max. Ø 1,986 mm, max. width 925 mm).

Drinking trough (70 l)
Outer Accessories

The drinking trough (70 l) is the most economical solution to give water to several animals at the same time. This system includes of a float and a mechanical valve. As soon as the water level drops below a certain level, the feeding valve opens and transfers the water stored in the tank to the trough until the float gauge reaches its final filling position. When it is reached, the water flow is stopped and the valve is closed. This solution is ideal when your Aquatrans is used as a permanent drinking trough. It can be fitted on the side or at the back of the machine.

Drinking trough for one animal
Outer Accessories

The drinking trough for one animal is the most economical solution. This system is equipped with a mechanism connected to a feeding valve. It therefore only gives water when the animal pushes the stop with its mouth; as soon as it withdraws, the valve closes and the water remains in the tank for later. It is therefore an ideal solution when your Aquatrans is parked in a meadow as a permanent drinking trough.

Drop Sides Return Springs
Outer Accessories
To simplify the handling of the sometimes heavy side panels, one or more return springs can be installed on the ends of the machine.
Drop Sides: Seal and Safety
Inner Accessories

The JOSKIN dropside tipping trailers are fitted with very resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body (except Trans-EX). Their door or drop sides are kept closed by a side lock. This system ensures a perfect seal, even with the smallest seeds.

Dual Brakes
Braking Systems

The combination of single-circuit hydraulic brakes and double-circuit air brakes on the same machine is of course possible. The vehicle can be hitched to tractors equipped with either of these two systems. This option is therefore ideal for farms or agricultural co-operatives with a fleet of different tractors. The brake system that is not in use simply remains disconnected from the tractor. Despite the interest in this system in many European countries, it is however prohibited by the EU 167/2013 standard (Mother Regulation), and can therefore not be certified in the 27 member states of the European Union.

Dual Storm
Pumping System: Centrifugal Pump (Storm)

The DUAL-STORM concept is based on the combination of two centrifugal pumps: one fitted at the end of the dorsal boom for filling and the other at the front of the tank for discharging. Its main feature is its high flow rate of around 10,000 l/min depending on the type of slurry. Its three-blade propeller requires little maintenance compared to other high-flow volumetric pumps of the "lobe" or "spiral" type, since it is less sensitive to the passage of foreign bodies. As with all volumetric systems, the centrifugal pump ensures a better filling of the tank, while avoiding the creation of foam (which is discharged into the pit through the overflow pipe). The DUAL-STORM concept is available with a mechanical or hydraulic (Power-Pack) drive, both of which are supplied as standard with a flow meter.

Dual Storm + Vacuum
Pumping System: Centrifugal Pump (Storm)

The DUAL-STORM provides a great flexibility of use and a power appropriate to the desired flow rate. As this device is not self-priming, it is necessary to use a small vacuum pump to vacuum the boom if you want to suck on a funnel. In this case, a hydraulically driven vacuum pump (Battioni & Pagani MEC 5000H) is placed on the side of the tanker. It is managed by an ISOBUS solution and solenoid valves.