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Ladders on Wago-Carrier
Outer Accessories

In order to quickly convert your WAGO-CARRIER into a bale trailer, JOSKIN offers a kit of quick-fit ladders. It includes a 'straight' front ladder and a 'rounded' rear ladder (ideal for round bales).

Level gauge
Filling Accessories

The constant level gauge allows you to see how full the water bowser is at all times. It is protected by a galvanised steel strip against external influences, such as contact with branches or deliberate rubbing by livestock.

Level Indicators
Outer Accessories

The use of a spreading implement, such as an injector, makes it impossible to see the slurry coming out of the tank. This is why JOSKIN was the first manufacturer to offer a level gauge on all its slurry tankers from the 1980s. Today, there are several possibilities: a 2" half-circular sight glass, an 8 x 30 cm oblong sight glass with a choice of location, a float gauge or a Ø 150 mm transparent communicating gauge.

Levelling blades
Working tools

Fitted on the first row, the levelling blades cut the hardest ground unevennesses in order to relief the following rows of tools.

Levelling Harrow

As an option, the TERRAFLEX injectors can be equipped with a levelling harrow that loosens "light" soil after injection.

Levelling scrapers
Working tools

These scrapers spread muck and grass heaps as well as molehills. As they are very wide, they ensure a wide and regular distribution over the whole pasture.

Light Bar
Accessories (Hydrocleaners)

For a higher visibility and safety, a light bar (with in-cab control box) can be added to the rear of your hydrocleaner.

Inner Accessories

The lights inside the trailer (adjustable and well protected) are an interesting feature for working after sunset.

Limitation board
Working tools

The left and right limitation boards allow to limit the spreading width. They are hydraulically controlled and can be adjusted comfortably from the driver's seat at any time and according to the needs. These boards are the ideal tool for headland spreading.

The injector has two standard hitch systems: one for the rear of a slurry tanker with a 4-point linkage and one for the standard 3-point linkage of a tractor. In this way, it can be used as a simple stubble cultivator (without injecting slurry), or even with an umbilical system.

Load Transfer on Double Articulation
Grip and Drive Systems

As an option, it is possible to equip your vehicle with a load transfer system. In this case, a hydraulic ram is connected to the 3rd point of the tractor, as well as to a 3-point device on the machine. This hydraulic ram, together with a hydropneumatic drawbar suspension, is operated from the tractor cab. When activated, the ram rod pushes the tractor third point forward, increasing the load on the front axle. This gives the tractor more grip. The effect is somewhat comparable to that created by a front counterweight. This grip system is especially useful in difficult terrain conditions.


Models over 3 m wide are equipped with a double-acting hydraulic folding system in order to meet the required transport width. It should also be noted that this system is, in this case, equipped with the Lock-Matic© automatic locking device to make your road travel as safe as possible. This device is controlled by the same hydraulic function as the folding system, through steered valves.

Once the injector is folded, the elements on the upper arms are held in place by a locking system. A simple notch prevents them from rotating on their axis and falling back. The elements therefore remain very rigid with respect to the vibrations caused by transport.

Low-Pressure Hose Reel
Accessories (Hydrocleaners)

For maximum comfort, we recommend the hydraulic hose reel for the "low pressure" hose of the cleaning circuit.

The Solodisc XXL is fitted with 20 mm thick self-sharpening discs with a diameter of 400 mm that are assembled on hubs with large watertight conical bearings (which can be tightened up). Made up of metal, rubber and NBR nitrile, these discs are extremely sturdy and ensure a long lifespan to the Solodisc XXL. Specially designed for JOSKIN, they are lighter than solid models for an equivalent sturdiness. Thanks to their diameter, the required traction power is also less high.