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Narrow drawbar Betimax
Hitch and Parking Stands

Narrow drawbar for easy manoeuvring.

NIR Sensor
Management and Control

In cooperation with John Deere, JOSKIN offers a real-time slurry analysis technology using an infrared lens. The composition of the slurry (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), ammoniacal nitrogen (NH 4) and dry matter) is measured in real time during spreading. The system allows the integration of a spreading instruction expressed in nitrogen unit/ha (for instance), and no longer in m³/ha like a classic flow meter system. Other NIR solutions, such as those offered by "dinamica generale" and implemented by some tractor manufacturers, such as CNH, are also available upon request. JOSKIN now integrates this analysis system into its slurry tankers with flow meters via ISOBUS.

(only on tandem) and anti-fall safety