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Versatile and professional, designed for intensive use: Cargo-LIFT CLX



Technical payload (t)

from 20 to 30


Double axle
Triple axle


Hook-Lift Systems

CARGO-LIFT CLX General Points

General Points

The JOSKIN CLX hook-lift system is designed for users who are looking for a professional solution for intensive use. Either on the road, as a transport vehicle, or in the field, the Cargo-Lift CLX is the ideal hook-lift system to meet all your requirements. Available with a double or triple axle and a pullout force of the hook from 20 to 30 t, it is the ideal machine for your containers and implements on a platform from 4 m to 7.5 m. It already has a rather complete standard equipment (with a hydraulic drawbar suspension, a hydraulic running gear and a fully electrohydraulic control), but it can be fitted with an automatic lubrication unit or a tyre inflation system as an option.


CARGO-LIFT CLX Hook-Lift System

Hook-Lift System

The CLX models are fitted with a system with a telescopic front arm with a welded hook in non-deforming steel (height of the hook: from 1,410 to 1,570 mm). Their reinforced chassis is made of 8-mm thick special Domex 690 steel, making this hook-lift system a reliable and foolproof machine. The containers are locked by means of powerful hydraulic hooks, working from the inside to the outside.

CARGO-LIFT CLX Industrial Hydraulic System

Industrial Hydraulic System

On the CLX models, the system is fed by an independent industrial hydraulic pump with Load Sensing, delivering 140 l/min at 300 bar, to load and unload the containers. In addition, they have a complete electrohydraulic control of the 3 functions of the hook, as well as of the functions of the running gear.

CARGO-LIFT CLX Quick and Easy Use

Quick and Easy Use

The hydropneumatic drawbar and the optional tipping assistance hydraulic ram (standard on CLXE6800T30) make the loading of containers easier and quicker. Indeed, the hydropneumatic drawbar, by tilting the machine, makes it possible to increase the pullout force. Furthermore, a fast unloading system for empty containers (Eilgang) is also available as an option. A double-acting hydraulic quick coupling is already part of the standard equipment at the back of the chassis to control, for instance, the door of the container. In short, everything is done to facilitate the work of the contractors or farmers!



For optimal ergonomics of the machine, this hook-lift system is equipped with an open drawbar on which the industrial pump is fitted in order to protect it from any possible damages caused by the tractor wheels in tight bends. Despite this, wide steering angles are still possible and lead to an exceptional maneuverability, even in the narrowest places.



The 2 guide rollers of the hook-lift system and the rear tipping axis provide a perfect stability. The Hydro-Tandem/Tridem running gear (hydraulic suspension of the axles) further reinforces this stability, regardless of the maneuvers carried out.

Special Features