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It is possible to equip your spreading implement with an exact/gooseneck/swinging scatterer in order to fertilise areas where the use of your spreading implement is impossible (e.g. due to the soil moisture or working width). In this case, a system of manual or hydraulic valves directs the flow of slurry to the scatterer.

The JOSKIN meadow injectors are fitted as standard with mechanical anti-drip pincers releasing the injection hose automatically when the injection element touches the ground (and inversely when the element leaves it). Each pincer has a rounded jaw and a pinch stop to limit the wear to the rubber injection cone as much as possible. They can be replaced by hydraulic pincers, which can be opened or closed at any time without having to lift or lower the injector.

The springs of the injection elements on the SOLODISC act as mechanical shock absorbers and apply the discs with a certain pressure to the soil, thus limiting variations in injection depth and allowing a vertical movement of the elements to adapt to transverse irregularities in the ground up to 25 cm. As an option, the springs can be replaced by a hydraulic cross-compensation system keeping the same ground pressure for each element (communicating vessels principle).

All arable and meadow injectors controlled by a sequential block have a system (standard or optional depending on the model) to lift the injector in wet areas, thus preventing it from sinking too deeply. This device consists of a valve that lifts the rear implement when going from a dry area to a wet one, while keeping the feeding valve open and the macerator active.

The Solodisc XXL is fitted with 20 mm thick self-sharpening discs with a diameter of 400 mm that are assembled on hubs with large watertight conical bearings (which can be tightened up). Made up of metal, rubber and NBR nitrile, these discs are extremely sturdy and ensure a long lifespan to the Solodisc XXL. Specially designed for JOSKIN, they are lighter than solid models for an equivalent sturdiness. Thanks to their diameter, the required traction power is also less high.

As an option, it is possible to temporarily reduce the spreading width of the booms by using ball valves. These are placed at the outlet of the SCALPER macerator and are manually operated. For example, you can avoid spreading in the tracks of the sprayer when fertilising your crop fields. Another very practical solution is the pneumatic section control. In this case, a balloon system installed on the spreading line after the SCALPER macerator is inflated (by a compressor) to temporarily block the hose.