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Equipment available

Slurry Spreader Range - TETRALINER

pumping tools

Upper filling and emptying

The gravity filling system allows highest flows. The user can then choose the type of pump that is the best suited to the desired spreading flow (large spreading width, etc.).

JOSKIN proposes different systems, which can be placed according to your wishes on the top or at the back of the tank.

Filling funnel of 500 x 500 mm

500 x 600 mm hydraulic sliding access.

This access is a large opening to place the filling arm and that is easy to reach. It is hermetically closed by rollers that press it against the rubber seal. Given its low height, it is ideal for tanks with a large diameter.

1 - Support with greasing nipples
2 - Compression roller
3 - Compression plate
4 - Bracket-guide
5 - Soft rubber seal
6 - Mobile flap slinding in the bracket-guide

Being closed


Ø 600 mm manhole with crank opening

The equipment of this manhole also includes an inner and outer ladder, providing a quick access to the tank. Its cover presses on a seal, which makes this system hermetic.

Ø 520 mm manhole (non-hermetic)

This model was inspired by the above-mentioned hermetic manhole. This variant is an economical solution for non-vacuum tankers. It can be controlled manually or by a double-acting hydraulic ram.

Cone 200 or 250 mm (8'' or 10'')

This cone, which is mounted on the top or at the back of the tank, allows to easily fill transport and spreading tankers. Fitted with an immersion pipe (option), it also can be used to empty the tank.

Non articulated filling arm

General points

The Jumbo is a non articulated filling arm with side rotation, sucking slurry through a funnel that has to be connected to the pit. It is suited to both underground and off-ground tanks.

It is a reasonable investment in order to avoid the sometimes laborious task to connect pipes (especially if it is a Ø 200 mm one).

If pumping on one single side does not suit you, the left/right version is very easy to reverse. No tedious operation of the pipes is required. It is therefore very easy to have the ideal position to pump.

The head of the funnel and of the arm are mobile in order to ensure a permanent tightness of the coupling when pumping.

JUMBO left/right

Thanks to this safety device, it is very easy to change the position of the arm and to lock it in vertical position.

To switch sides, the base of the cylinder only has to be moved from roght to left


The Jumbomatic is standard mounted on the Jumbo left/right and as an option on the side jumbo.

Filling arms of the Jumbo left/right type are fitted with the "Jumbomatic" sequential block. Only one double-acting function is required to operate the arm. The sequential block successively operates the different hydraulic functions (pump change-over, lift/lower the arm, transport safety, valve and air intake control).

An electric switch makes it possible to isolate the function "pump change-over"; the vacuum in the tank is then created while the arm is still in vertical position, which is very practical if you are using the tanker without Jumbo arm for the filling operation or if you already want to create a depression, for instance, when leaving the field without having to move the filling arm in transport position.

Funnel support on Jumbo

To reduce the overall dimensions, it is possible to optionally fit the Jumbo arm with a funnel support. A support is standard mounted on the chassis of the tanker.

Funnel support on JUMBO arm

Support on chassis

Electric funnel (option)

A funnel with electric closing and remote control can be used in the case of an off-ground storing tank. Indeed, this useful option makes it possible to electrically close a valve that is directly located on the funnel in order to prevent slurry from flowing out when not pumping.

In this way, the driver no longer needs to leave his post to close the pit valve manually.

This funnel is also fitted with a second electric valve allowing the slurry to flow back in the prepit during the air evacuation of the filling arm. Finally, it is fitted with a transport triangle (female part) designed for the linkage of the tractor.