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inner accessories

inner accessories

Monocoque tipping trailers are equipped with four Perspex sight windows on the front as standard (except for tipping trailers with a body height of 100 cm or less).

As an option, it is also possible to choose one single large sight window. Both models can also be fitted with galvanised reinforcing rods to protect them from possible damage caused by the load.

The JOSKIN monocoque tipping trailers are fitted with very resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body (except Trans-KTP 17-22-27-34). Their door is kept closed by a side lock. This system ensures a perfect seal, even with the smallest seeds.

The doors on the JOSKIN tipping trailers are also equipped with two safety devices. The first one is a pressure relief valve. When the door cannot be fully closed (e.g. when there is an obstacle), it engages and regulates the oil pressure to prevent damage to the system. The second one is a double check valve on each door ram to hold the door in position if a hydraulic hose breaks or if the tractor stops.

A 1,800 x 2,500 mm fall breaker for potatoes can be placed in the Trans-CAP and Trans-SPACE agricultural tipping trailers. It is fixed at all four ends by four strong elastic bands. When loading potatoes, the elastic bands are gradually extended so that the harvest can be gently placed on the body floor.

The lights inside the trailer (adjustable and well protected) are an interesting feature for working after sunset.