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tipping trailer body

The JOSKIN range gives you the choice! Are you looking for a low and long trailer (very low centre of gravity)? Choose one with side walls of 65 cm, 100 cm or 125 cm (monocoque tipping trailer), or 1x40 cm, 1x50 cm or 2x50 cm (dropside tipping trailer). Are you looking rather for a compact, high-capacity tipping trailer? Then choose side walls of 125 cm or 150 cm (monocoque tipping trailer), or of 2x60 cm, 3x60 cm, 60 cm + 80 cm or 2x80 cm (dropside tipping trailer).

With the exception of the Trans-KTP 9-11-15 with a 2-part door, all other JOSKIN monocoque tipping trailers are fitted with a one-part, hydraulically opening door. If you want to open the rear door manually and still have a maximum upward clearance (e.g. when loading bales from the back, branches, etc.), then the optional double door is the best solution. In this way, the tailgate can be opened either manually – both doors laterally – or hydraulically upwards.