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José Luis Guerrini (Argentina)

José Luis Guerrini (Argentina)

"Thanks to the manufacturing quality and the sturdiness of the tanker, I no longer have to worry about it".

My father and his brother founded the company in 1960 after having bought some land thanks to the allowances granted by the State to the tenants. Then, after leaving high school, I joined the company. In 1978, my uncle decided to follow his own path and start his own farm. Today, we are specialized in fattening pigs and growing cereals. We also offer our services for seeds, harvesting and transportation.

We bought a Modulo2 12000 MEB to spread the pig slurry. We received the tanker in December 2014 in Marcos Juarez in the province of Cordoba in Argentina. We also use it from time to time for watering plants and paths.

We decided to go for purchase for several reasons. First, a very good quality of steel was needed compared to those on the market, because the product we spread is very corrosive. Second, the design is well developed and the sturdiness of the chassis allows us to work quietly. Finally after knowing personally Lucas Vogel and Norbert Brenner, the sales representatives at Brelis, we know that we can trust them for their honesty and knowledge.

After spreading the equivalent of 250 tanks, we are still very happy with our Joskin machine. In addition, it is very easy to use and complements well with our tractors.