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When it comes to investing in a new potato trailer, more and more people are wondering what kind of options they should choose and what are their purpose.

With the new Trans-SPACE 9200, professionals are sure to make the good choice: highest volume and a body that is perfectly suited to potato transport.

This model follows the growing customer demand and offers a capacity of 30.8 m³ DIN (dome and extensions not included) with a body length of 9.2 m.

The left side panel of 6.50 m long and 1.25 m high is lower than the right one (25 cm), which is, just like the front wall and the rear door, 1.50 m high. This cut provides the advantage of reducing the falling height of the potatoes when loading.

With a 50 cm hydraulic extension on the left side and 25 cm fixed extensions on the other sides (as an option), the entire body reaches 1.75 m high with a volume of 36.2 m³ DIN.

On the standard version, the hydraulic extension course is limited to 25 cm for a total body height of 1.50 m.


use of high tensile steel: 4 mm HARDOX 400 floor, 4 mm high tensile steel side walls (grade 550);

Hydro-Tridem running gear;

double self steering system (first and last axles);

front lifting axle;

air brakes;

cross-suspension drawbar with parabolic leaves (hydraulic suspension as an option);

spaced tipping hinges for more stability;

pre-equipment for cover and possibility to fit a landing sheet.


All JOSKIN Trans-CAP and Trans-SPACE tipping trailers are manufactured in high tensile steel and are suited to potato transport. Specific pieces of equipment are indeed available, such as:

a partial landing sheet ( inside the body by means of rings) reducing the falling height in order to avoid damages when loading;

manual or hydraulic covers (e.g. Telecover).