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First Cargo Sold in Romania

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First Cargo Sold in Romania

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In the beginning of 2018, Joskin was delivering its first Cargo modular system in Romania. After several months of intensive use, the Boviferm S.R.L. company wanted to share its experience of the product with us.

Boviferm is a family business that started its activity in 1990 with only 5 cows. However, this number grew very rapidly. Today, it reached 350 animals. Given this quick growth, new facilities had to be built and the whole organization had to be rethought. The company now owns more than 150 ha of lands on which the food for the cows, lucerne, maize and other crops are produced.

“To meet these needs, we were looking for a high modularity at a reasonable price. Until now, the Cargo system kept its promises”, Mr Strenc, the farm owner, says. “Once we’re done spreading slurry with the Vacu-Cargo, we’re putting the Silo-Cargo on the chassis and we’re ready to harvest maize. For the next season, we’re planning to complete this system with the Ferti-Cargo in order to spread manure and maximize the possibilities of this system”, he concludes.