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Mr Sato (Japan) Likes his JOSKIN Modulo2

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Mr Sato (Japan) Likes his JOSKIN Modulo2

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Mr Sato (Japan) Likes his JOSKIN Modulo2

Mr Sato’s farm is located in Kikuchi-shi in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan. It specialises in pig breeding and has a herd of over 200 animals.

“I wanted to have more animals in order to increase the production,” says Mr Sato. “At the same time, a new compost processing facility had been established and I purchased a new tractor. The next step was the purchase of a 10,000-l slurry tanker to replace the former 6,800-l tanker, which was not only too small but also had corrosion on the spreading elements. I wanted to buy a more durable machine. After several conversations with my dealer, I chose the JOSKIN Modulo2. My choice was also influenced by a very pleasant meeting with a JOSKIN representative in 2017,” he says. What does he think of his tanker? “I have been using my Modulo2 10000 MEB since July 2021 and it has clearly improved my working efficiency. It is a high quality and sturdy machine thanks to the zinc coating. Now I can transport large volumes of slurry without worrying about corrosion. In addition, the ride is very comfortable thanks to the self-steering axle, which reduces torsion on the machine in tight bends.”