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Wide front-mounted rotary pasture topper!



Working width (m)



Pasture Toppers

ATR General Points

General Points

Since their introduction on the market in the mid-80s, TR toppers (including the ATR) have very quickly established themselves as real references in the professional world. Very good at mowing on most open spaces, they are also highly appreciated for their excellent performance in pasture care. Their multirotor system with offset enables them to work on areas with more compact leftovers, while keeping a constant work flow. The ATR is the front-mounted version of the TR topper. It is hitched by means of a central beam pulling the machine from the front. It has an outstanding manoeuvrability and keeps the advantages of the floating hitching gear with double spring on the frame. This configuration allows to mow grass before it is flattened by the tractor wheels. It is also recommended to all those who wish to simultaneously use a second type of implement at the back of their tractor and therefore maximise their working time.


ATR Quality Cut

Quality Cut

JOSKIN has designed removable and retractable floating blades in order to provide a high-quality performance. They retract when striking into hard obstacles. This technical choice spares the transmission and provides the tractor with a maximal protection against shocks. The aim of the ATR topper design is to maximise the “tornado” effect created by the powerful rotation of the rotors. The vegetation is thus powerfully sucked upwards and held in the movement of the knives, even in the event of damp weather. Once finely chopped, the grass is uniformly spread by means of the deflectors on the frame.

For larger areas, the combination of the TRT rear butterfly topper and the ATR front topper provides an XXL mowing solution (over 7.50-m width).

ATR Perfect Contact with the Soil

Perfect Contact with the Soil

The ATR front-mounted rotary pasture topper is fitted with a floating hitch that follows the ground relief perfectly for a maximal working precision. It is easily hitched to the tractor side using the "Accord" device (optional tractor-side triangle/frame). Each ATR topper is also fitted with 2 XXL skids allowing the machine to perfectly glide, even on an uneven ground. The horizontal angle of the cut is therefore ensured in all circumstances, without any risk of accidental contact between the knives and the ground.

ATR Adjustable Cutting Height

Adjustable Cutting Height

All frames of the range are fitted with a system to adjust the cutting height on 8 positions in order to adapt to the conditions encountered during the different periods of the year. A large clearance between the blades and the frame ensures an outstanding air flow and an optimal mixing of the cut material, without any risks of blockage or loss of speed, as well as a smooth and efficient work.

ATR Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

All our ATR rotary pasture toppers are coated with an anti-corrosion paint providing a long-term protection against external aggressions. The simple and timeless design of their frame prevents water from stagnating and makes the cleaning operations easier. Simply using a high-pressure cleaner will be enough to get an implement back in its original state.

ATR 100% Safe Use

100% Safe Use

All JOSKIN frames are fitted with a large range of safety devices (no access to the knives in working position, protection plates, discs to prevent the knives to rub on hard surfaces, etc.) so that you can only serenely focus on your work.

Special Features

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