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Very compact slurry tanker with high capacity and 4 wheels in a row: ideal to avoid ground compaction!



Capacities (l)

from 10700 to 16000


Double axle




TETRAX2 General Points

General Points

The design of the TETRAX2 is based on a short, compact slurry tanker with high volume and low traction power required that can protect the soil structure as much as possible. This is how the "TETRAX" was born, which is mainly characterised by the alignment of 4 tractor wheels on the same axle line. These large-diameter wheels with impressive width (4 x 625 mm) guarantee a larger contact surface with the ground (2.48 m of wheels over a total width of 3 m!) and therefore prevent soil compaction to a maximum. Available from 10,700 l to 16,000 l, the TETRAX2 is the ideal implement for your spreading works in meadows and beyond!


TETRAX2 Compact, Self-Supporting, Monocoque Structure

Compact, Self-Supporting, Monocoque Structure

The TETRAX2 slurry tanker is characterised by a very compact tank with a large diameter: Ø 2,000 mm on 10700S and Ø 2,100 mm on the other models. The tank is reinforced by an integral cradle welded over its entire length by a robot: 1,000-mm wide brackets are fitted on the models up to 14,000 l, while the 16000S has 900-mm wide brackets. A continuous wheel recess provides sufficient space for the 4 aligned wheels with a diameter of 1,935 mm. The rear wall of the tank includes a standard pre-equipment for linkage and spreading implement.

TETRAX2 High Maneuverability

High Maneuverability

This vehicle is very maneuverable given the short tank with a large diameter. The “V-shaped open”, short and narrow drawbar is also very compact and allows a maximal steering angle, which is very useful at a row end. The linkage (option) is fitted very close to the rear wall of the tank in order to have the spreading implement (option) as close as possible, which reduces the overhang of the vehicle.

TETRAX2 Running gear

Running gear

The running gear of the TETRAX2 slurry tankers includes 2 aligned pivoting axles allowing to fit 4 tractor wheels for a load distribution over the entire width of the vehicle Both pairs of wheels have a horizontal swinging movement ensuring security and stability in the bends. The axles are fastened by means of four bolts to easily remove and change the wheels in the event of a tyre puncture. All grease nipples of the running gear are gathered on each side of the machine to ensure a secure and efficient daily maintenance.

TETRAX2 Pre-Equipment for Very Compact Linkage

Pre-Equipment for Very Compact Linkage

This slurry tanker can work with many rear implements thanks to the standard pre-equipment for spreading implements. Its particularly compact 4-point linkage, available as an option, reduces the overhang while ensuring an optimal support thanks to the conical axes that connect it to the chassis.

TETRAX2 Pump System

Pump System

The TETRAX2 slurry tankers can be fitted with various pump types: vacuum or volumetric lobe pump. The vacuum pump is housed in the V-shaped drawbar to protect it from any accidental contact with the tractor wheels. The lobe pump is fitted on the side, in order to provide an easy access for maintenance. A Rotation-Cut chopper with stone trap is also delivered in this configuration to protect the lobes as much as possible against possible foreign materials. The drive is ensured by a P.T.O.-shaft with angle transmission gearbox or by a hydraulic motor (option). The most popular filling systems are also available: “JUMBO” front filling arm on the left/right, double self-supporting arm, etc.

Special Features


Discover our super-equipped TETRAX2 Series at a very attractive price

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