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Multi-Nozzle Booms


Multitwist RM

The JOSKIN Multitwist multi-nozzle spreading booms allow to spread slurry homogeneously on widths from 12 to 15 m. This spreading tool is made up of two main pipes supported by two triangular frames. On the version of 12 m, each main pipe feeds 4 of the 8 smaller pipes ended by splash plates.
The swinging scatterer is activated by the spreading pressure, combined with an ingenious mechanical system.
Thanks to this design, slurry is thrown out alternately in one and the other direction, so that these "umbrella"-like jets offer a very low air resistance.
There is a splash plate at the end of each pipe of the MULTITWIST booms. The slurry is then spread close to the ground, under the form of ''umbrella'' jets.
Note that the Twist system can be mounted both on the 4-point linkage and directly on the tank buttresses. The same applies for the Twinjet boom.

MULTITWIST 4-point frame

4-point frame

The MULTITWIST RM is characterized by its 4-points rear frame that makes it possible to hitch it on a rear linkage. Furthermore, given the working width, JOSKIN developed the automatic locking device (when folding or unfolding the boom) and the passive slope adjustment, which reduces the strains the boom is subjected to on uneven grounds and allows to follow the slope if needed.



In order to increase the spreading width, JOSKIN proposes to fit the MULTITWIST XXL booms with a pair of 1.5 m extensions to be bolted to both boom ends.

Strong points of the range

Hydraulic folding.

All booms are fitted with a hydraulic folding system that has an insignificant overhang and that does not affect at all the driving of the carriage. During transport, the whole is fastened by a boom clipping system These has a height adjustment device and a craddle with a damping rubber.
  • The hydraulic folding system has the following specifications:
  • hydraulic safety device;
  • locking of the boom wings in transport position thanks to interlocking supports;
  • diagonally positioned rams (not vertically) to better hold the boom in position (reduction of the swinging movement).
For a higher safety, the folded boom is such that the position of the macerators is pointed inwards so as not to exceed the boom size. From 18 m wide, a double folding system is required.


The macerator is of utmost importance in order to make sure the spreading implement works properly. 9 m booms have one single macerator, while those from 12 m have two of them in order to get a greater reactivity at the beginning of the spreading phase and to reduce load losses (slurry is more uniformly spread).

Twist and anti-drip systems

JOSKIN booms (except the TWINJET) are all standard fitted with the (double acting) anti-drip lifting device with Twist system. It allows a transport in a very clean way thanks to the complete rotation of the line spreading hoses, which prevents any loss of slurry on the road as well as in the fields when manoeuvring. JOSKIN line spreading booms are standard fitted with the Twist system allowing a 150° rotation of the boom.
  • Besides this anti-drip function, the Twist system has other advantages:
  • It offers a limited overhang;
  • It allows, as an option, to spread with an exact scatterer without having to take off the boom. The macerator and two manual or hydraulic valves just have to be added.


JOSKIN booms are all standard fitted with the anti-crash device that offer an extra safety when working on hilly ground. Every boom wing is fitted with springs and articulations that, when spreading on a bumpy ground, retract the ends of the boom (max. 55 cm) if it hits the ground. Mounting the wings at the end of the oblong holes allows them to pivot and makes it possible to adjust their height.
Multi-Nozzle Booms