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Professional line spreading boom for all tankers!




Line Spreading Booms


General Points

The Penditwist Basic is a line spreading boom with a working width of 6 m or 7.50 m. Designed to meet the specific needs of owners of small tankers, it offers an adapted spreading solution with quality at an attractive price. With a lightened structure made of high tensile steel profile tubes, this boom is fully galvanised for an optimal protection and a long lifespan. The line hoses, with a 25-cm spacing, lay the slurry at the foot of the plants, without damaging them. The Penditwist Basic is therefore a real specialist in meadow fertilisation. It is designed to be directly fitted on the rear manhole (diameter: 600 mm) of the tanker. In this way, it is compatible with both new and existing machines, without necessarily having any pre-equipment. However, it can also be fitted on tankers with a linkage or a pre-equipment for integrated linkage, by means of an intermediate part. Two versions are available: one to be directly connected to the tractor, and the other including an automaton with direct connection to the tractor. In this configuration, this spreading boom has all the electrohydraulic equipment it needs to work properly, both in open and closed circuit.



Easy Fitting

Three adaptations on the tanker are available for the Basic spreading booms. The first one is an adaptation of the 600-mm manhole that is very easy to fit on any type of tanker by means of hooks and two tie rods bolted on either side of the chassis for more stability. This frame has various hitching heights, depending on the type of tyres on the tanker, thus offering the possibility to keep an optimal injection angle of 45°. The frame is designed to be as close as possible to the tanker, which provides a very compact machine and reduces the overhang as much as possible. A second adaptation is available for tankers without manhole nor hydraulic linkage but with a pre-equipment for integrated linkage. Finally, the third solution is designed for tankers with a complete hydraulic linkage.


Eccentric SCALPER® Macerator

This macerator has a variable opening of the counter blade, which allows an extremely precise dosing of the quantity to be spread, regardless of the desired flow. It has a single knife unit in the form of a diabolo that rotates eccentrically on the Hardox counter blade for an even distribution. The central venting system through the middle of the diabolo with two inlets allows a smooth flow in the various hoses to the ground, without suction effect. This compact macerator is equipped with quick-opening side covers and a stone trap for a quick and easy maintenance. This novelty is now part of the standard equipment of all models of line spreading booms with or without skids and of the Solodisc XXL disc injector.

PENDITWIST BASIC Control Automaton

Control Automaton

An automaton with control box is part of the standard equipment of the spreading boom and it can be directly connected to the tractor. Only a single-acting connection, a free return plug, a Load Sensing signal (optional) and an electric plug are necessary for the boom to work properly. No pre-equipment is required on the tanker. The spreading boom can be used in manual or automatic mode. As a standard, a switch allows to reverse the rotating direction of the macerator in order to cut any foreign material blocking the macerator outlets and causing a pressure increase. As a standard, two switches are integrated into the control box to prevent the spreading boom from unfolding on the road and thus ensure safety during transport.


TWIST Anti-Drip System, LOCK MATIC Security

This Twist anti-drip system lifts the boom and therefore prevents any slurry drops on the road or losses in the field when maneuvering. When travelling in transport mode, e.g. on public roads, the Lock Matic system ensures that your spreading boom is secure: it is automatically locked by a clamping system on a stop integrated into its frame. This autonomous rear folding system allows to keep a maximum compactness once the boom is folded but also to avoid extra brackets on the tanker.

PENDITWIST BASIC 6” Manual Control Valve

6” Manual Control Valve

This manual control valve ensures a precise adjustment of the spreading flow. You can choose 4 opening degrees: 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%.

Special Features