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Compact, simple, sturdy and versatile tipping trailer



Technical payload (t)

from 3 to 9


single axle
Double axle


Dropside tipping trailers

TRANS-EX General Points

General Points

Available in single and double axle versions, from 3 t to 9 t payload, the Trans-EX dropside tipping trailer is a compact, easily modifiable and therefore an ultra-versatile vehicle. All side panels can be quickly removed to create a platform: ideal for loading bales, pallets or boxes. For users looking for a larger volume, optional extensions (20 cm, 40 cm or 80 cm) are available. The standard trailer is rearward tipping, while the 3-way tipping system (left, rear and right) is available as an option. In short, the Trans-EX is the ideal tipping trailer for your small to medium-sized farm, riding schools, park and garden companies, etc.


TRANS-EX A Proven Structure

A Proven Structure

The chassis combines simplicity and robustness. Its sturdiness lies in its cold-formed beams in special high tensile steel, for an easy traction, a reduced weight, and therefore less power and consumption. The drawbar has a pointed design for a better maneuverability and a maximum steering. It is adjustable in height and easily adapts to tractors with small or large rear wheels. The Trans-EX 7 t and 9 t are equipped with a drawbar suspension for more driving comfort. The parking stands with “steel wheel” allow an easy movement of a few cm/m (on a flat and hard ground) without having to hitch up the trailer. It is therefore easy to store or move it when necessary (like a car trailer).

TRANS-EX Modular and Simple

Modular and Simple

The body is modular so that it can be used in different situations. The classic trailer is useful for farm work. By adding optional extensions (20 cm, 40 cm or 80 cm), it provides more volume to transport green waste or hay. By removing the side panels, it can even be transformed into a bale trailer to transport bales, boxes or pallets. The possibilities are endless!

TRANS-EX Sturdy and Watertight Body

Sturdy and Watertight Body

The side panels have a closed tube structure, which increases the resistance of the walls to pressure. In addition, this gives the machine a smooth line and a modern look. The floor is manufactured in 4 mm thick high tensile steel. The surface is perfectly flat and the height of the platform is kept especially low for an easy loading by hand, a microtractor, a mini-excavator, etc.

TRANS-EX The Right Tipper for Every Situation

The Right Tipper for Every Situation

Are there places that are problematic for a conventional rear tipper? Don't worry, the optional "3-way" tipping system (rear, left and right sides) will be very useful to unload in all places, even in the lowest sheds. The hydraulic tipping ram is positioned forwards, for a high tipping angle and an easy tipping. To avoid torsions, the hydraulic ram is standard fitted in a double oscillating frame.

TRANS-EX Safety and Comfort

Safety and Comfort

The low centre of gravity of the trailer gives you an easy access to the platform and ensures a better stability, and therefore more safety. The rear bumper is “wide” and not only protects motorists from a possible collision, but also warns by being visible thanks to rear lights that are built into it.

Special Features

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