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Length (m)

8 → 11,75


Double axle
Triple axle

Payload (t)

8 → 20
General points

General points

The WAGO-LOADER low loaders allow to transport tools and other machines as well as straw. They are manufactured in special steel, cut and welded in an automated way, and fitted with floor crosspieces and a reinforced chassis, in order to benefit from a higher resistance and liability for various transports.
Easy and safe transport

Easy and safe transport

The Wago-Loader is a multi-functional trailer: it allows to transport bales but also machines thanks to its two loading ramps with hydraulic lowering and lifting. In order to load machines more easily, the back side of the floor (made of wood or chequered plate) is tilted on approx. 1 m. And finally, for a proper stability during the handling, two telescopic supporting stands, with mechanical folding system (hydraulic as an option), are standard mounted at the back of the vehicle.
Width: 1.460 mm
Profiles :
• Semi-mounted : 300 x 100 x 8.5 mm
• Semi-mounted : 120 x 120 x 8 mm (TR 8000D13: 160 x 152 x 9 m
• Other models : 120 x 120 x 8 mm
Wooden (40 mm thick) or 3/5 chequered plate with edges
Running Gear
Semi-mounted: reinforced rigid drawbar
Trailed: front axle on turntable
Max. wheel dimensions
Ø 930 (mm) / Width 440 (mm)
Models - Semi-mounted
Models - Trailed


Bale trailers and low loaders
Bale trailers and low loaders
Bale trailers and low loaders


Bale trailers and low loaders