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Question of Technique (Russia)

Question of Technique <i>(Russia)</i>

It is hard to imagine a modern farm without high-tech agricultural machines, especially in the summer.

Regarding muck spreaders and agricultural tipping trailers, the company "Modern Agrotechnologies" chose the products of the Belgian brand Joskin. They are delivered through the offical importer "Altair-SM".

Part of the machines (2 Joskin Silo-Space 22/45 trailers) were bought by the company "Zchapovo-agrotechno" to then go over to "Modern Agrotechnologies", after the two companies fused.

"Calculate for how many years there have been working (almost 10 years) and they still look very nice! ", tells Constantin Techenkov.

The company decided not to change horses in midstream because the machines have been very efficient for years. A new Silo-SPACE 20/40 trailer and a Ferti-SPACE spreader were thus bought.

"It is important not to increase the machine park too much. If you buy a yogurt at the grocery store, you know it's good. And you will buy another one if the first one is not available anymore. Joskin technically suits us: it's a carthorse. Usually, we're using the silage trailers to transport the silo in the summer. "

The spreader is used from end August when ploughing starts and when the manure can then be spread.