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The ECO-Pendislide spreading boom is a very simple implement that works over a width of 3m and is mainly used for spreading "clean" slurry without foreign bodies. It is not fitted with a macerator. Its spreading properties are therefore similar to those of the Pendislide spreading booms, in a much more basic version.

The ECO-Pendiwist spreading boom is a very simple implement that works over a width of 3 m and is mainly used for spreading "clean" slurry without foreign bodies. It is not fitted with a macerator. Its spreading properties are therefore similar to those of the Penditwist spreading booms, in a much more basic version.

Pumping System: Vacuum

Available with a capacity of 30 or 60 l, the Eco-Purifier is a clever combination of an Ecopump and a syphon, while keeping the properties and advantages of each. It ensures a significant space-saving.

Pumping System: Vacuum

This ecological and economical system offers 3 advantages: it collects the used oil coming out of the pump, reduces the noise pollution considerably and sucks in the air from above to prevent it from becoming dusty. This accessory considerably increases the lifespan of the pump.

Eilgang system
Telescopic Arm

With the ‘Eilgang' system, the telescopic arm can handle light loads, such as empty containers, more quickly. This system is operated very simply via a switch in the cab.

In some cases, it is worthwhile to replace the mechanical self-steering system with an electronically controlled system, which allows to manage different steering angles depending on the driving speed (less steering at high speed and more steering at low speed) and thus considerably increases the manoeuvrability and driving safety.

European Certification

In order to make the registration of our vehicles in Europe easier, the JOSKIN Group has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that they comply with the EU167/2013 European standard, commonly known as the "Mother Regulation". Your JOSKIN machine is therefore certified and can easily be registered anywhere in the European Union, as well as in the countries that have adopted the same standards. This advantage gives it an added value when it is resold: it is not blocked in a single country of the European Union.

Exact Scatterer

Nowadays, slurry is spread closer to the ground and the air resistance is significantly reduced thanks to the “exact'' scatterers that bring the fertiliser down to the ground. They are fitted as standard to JOSKIN slurry tankers and spread the slurry evenly over a width of up to 10 m, depending on the viscosity of the liquid, the wind, etc. The Perrot exact scatterers are hinged to facilitate pumping from the rear and limit the overall length of the vehicle.

Expandable Drawbar
Hitch and Parking Stands

As an option, the standard drawbar can be replaced by an expandable model. It also includes a 40 mm diameter eyelet with wear ring.

Extension frame
Outer Accessories

For circular lagoons with a large diameter or deep rectangular lagoons, you can equip your JUMBOMIXER with an extension (3.2 m or 4.2 m depending on the model). It is fitted with a quick coupling system, a hydraulic ram to control the angle and a Walterscheid cardan shaft with bolt security.

Outer Accessories

In order to increase the transported volumes, JOSKIN offers different types of extensions. They are made of steel for Trans-KTP tipping trailers, aluminium for other agricultural tipping trailers, or wood for muck spreaders. From 150 mm to 1,000 mm high, welded, bolted, manually or hydraulically expandable, the choice is yours!

Extra Wide Share

Tines with reversible blue 11 cm reinforced shares (Kongskilde Vibroflex) can replace the standard model. They are designed to bury and mix larger quantities of straw and plant residues. They are characterised by two folds that allow the earth to go up and the plant material to go down at the same time, a vertical zone (above the share) for a better mixing of plants and soil, an 11 cm width, an even greater robustness, their reversibility, a design for burying mulch and a very good mechanical weed control effect (roots and seeds)

Hitch and Parking Stands

JOSKIN offers several types of eyelets as options, depending on the type of hitch on the tractor side. In most cases, the eyelets fitted by JOSKIN are easily interchangeable, as they are bolted.