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Levers allow to adjust easily the pressure on the ground of the rows of spring tines

Tipping Trailer Body

The rear door, like the body, is made entirely of HARDOX 450. This grade of steel has a 6x higher yield stress than conventional steel and a 3x higher ultimate tensile stress. For the same strength, it is also significantly lighter.

JOSKIN manufactures all its counter blades in HARDOX steel. It has 6 times the tensile strength of conventional steel and 3 times the ultimate stress. It is also significantly lighter for the same strength. Its use in this case is mainly justified by its low abrasion qualities. JOSKIN offers different types of counter blades for different flow rates (m³/ha) at the same spreading speed. They differ only in the size of the holes: the larger the hole, the greater the spread rate at the same speed.

HARDOX protection plate
Outer Accessories

If it is not part of the standard equipment of the vehicle, the spreading table can be equipped with a highly abrasion-resistant Hardox steel protection plate. This is the ideal equipment for intensive use of your muck spreader. In this case, the beater frame is painted green (instead of hot-dip galvanised) so as not to affect the strength of the materials.

Outer Accessories

As body equipment, the fully galvanised headboard protects the hitch (electric, electronic, hydraulic and/or air hoses), the tractor and the front hydraulic tipping ram (on a Trans-KTP tipping trailer) from falling material.

Outer Accessories

As an option, the user protection can be increased by bolting a 450 mm high headboard to the front of the muck spreader body.

Heights and Capacities
Tipping Trailer Body

The JOSKIN range gives you the choice! Are you looking for a low and long trailer (very low centre of gravity)? Choose one with side walls of 65 cm, 100 cm or 125 cm (monocoque tipping trailer), or 1x40 cm, 1x50 cm or 2x50 cm (dropside tipping trailer). Are you looking rather for a compact, high-capacity tipping trailer? Then choose side walls of 125 cm or 150 cm (monocoque tipping trailer), or of 2x60 cm, 3x60 cm, 60 cm + 80 cm or 2x80 cm (dropside tipping trailer).

High Hitch
Hitch and Parking Stands

As an option, some JOSKIN vehicles can be delivered with a "high" hitch. In this case, the drawbar is shaped like an "S" or an upward arrow to reach the appropriate hitch on the tractor at ± 100 cm.

High-Tipping Trailer
Tipping System

The high-tipping system is an interesting option when you want to feed a high-placed conveyor or a mineral fertiliser spreader. In this case, a 16-l hydraulic ram raises the chassis to make this transfer operation possible.

Hinged rear lights
Lighting and Safety

The hinged rear lights make your machine more compact in the field: since they can be folded up manually, they are less vulnerable to damage from livestock using them as an occasional scraper.

Hinged side fences
Outer Accessories

Available in 3.5 m or 4.5 m depending on the model, these fences are an efficient and cost-effective solution for any farmer wanting to load livestock on grassland. Supplied in pairs, they can be stored on the body sides without affecting the overall width of the livestock trailer. In the loading position, they can be adjusted to the desired opening degree and are therefore perfectly suited to the circumstances of the terrain. A clever spring suspension also makes them very easy to handle.

Hitch (Ø 22 or 28 mm)
Hitch (mounted implements)

Several types of hitching rods or systems are available (Ø 22 mm or Ø 28 mm) depending on the category and type of linkage arms of your tractor.

Hitch - GARDEN
Hitch (mounted implements)

The economical GARDEN BF meadow aerators are a variant of the BF series, which is especially designed for small horticultural tractors. Their width is reduced for work in parks and gardens. The category-1 hitch for horticultural tractors (hence the name "GARDEN") is quick and easy thanks to the Ø 22 mm round bar.

Hitch Yoke
Chassis Accessories

It is possible to equip your trailer with a rear hitch. It can be “basic”, i.e. only used to get your trailer out of the mud. Or it can be more sophisticated, with electrical and hydraulic connections for a second trailer.

The JOSKIN SCALPER© horizontal macerators are used on most slurry injectors. They are fitted on the injector by interlocking and clipping and can therefore be easily placed on any type of tillage equipment. They are also sold separately for individual solutions.

Hour counter
Management and Control

JOSKIN offers several types of hour counters: cardan shaft rotation counter, vibration counter, etc. This allows you to easily monitor the use of your machine park (e.g. for rentals, in agricultural cooperatives, etc.).

HP Grain Auger
Outer Accessories

HP grain augers are high-performance transfer augers. Depending on the model, they transfer up to 300 tonnes of grains per hour, i.e. 5 tonnes per minute! They are ideal for turning your Trans-CAP or Trans-SPACE tipping trailer into a chaser bin. The auger is installed on a second specific rear door that includes not only the transfer auger (Ø 270 to Ø 400 mm, in steel or stainless steel depending on the model), but also its lateral orientation mechanism. It is driven by a hydraulic motor with medium flow rate (75-100 l/min). It can therefore be used by any type of tractor (new or old).

HPA Grain Auger
Outer Accessories

HPA grain augers are high-performance transfer augers. Depending on the model, they transfer up to 550 tonnes of grain per hour, i.e. 9.16 tonnes per minute! They are ideal for turning your Drakkar into a chaser bin. The auger is installed on a second specific rear door that includes not only the transfer auger (Ø 500 or Ø 600 mm depending on the model) and its orientation mechanism, but also a horizontal breaking auger. In this way, it is also possible to transfer other products of non-cereal origin, such as wood chips, for example.

Hydraulic Brakes
Braking Systems

JOSKIN offers single-circuit hydraulic brakes as an option for its vehicles. With this system, the braking power depends on the amount of pressure applied to the brake control pedal. Although hydraulic braking is still the most common system in the world, it is being phased out in the European Union in favour of double-circuit air brakes, which are approved under Mother Regulation EU 167/2013.

Hydraulic Bumper
Lighting and Safety

In most European countries and beyond, a rear bumper is mandatory for the registration of a vehicle or a coupled implement. Its primary purpose is to protect the road user who would hit you from behind. At JOSKIN, most vehicles and implements are equipped with a hydraulic rear bumper with European hydraulic certification as standard. Its advantage is that it can be folded when not in use, for example during unloading operations.

The springs of the injection elements on the SOLODISC act as mechanical shock absorbers and apply the discs with a certain pressure to the soil, thus limiting variations in injection depth and allowing a vertical movement of the elements to adapt to transverse irregularities in the ground up to 25 cm. As an option, the springs can be replaced by a hydraulic cross-compensation system keeping the same ground pressure for each element (communicating vessels principle).

One of the most convenient cover solutions for the user is the hydraulic concertina folding system ("cabriolé" system). It consists of a support at the front of the body to limit the place taken by the cover in folded position, a hydraulic motor and a pulley and cable system. When in use, the cover can be unfolded and folded by moving horizontally on a guide rail, thus providing a perfect seal against bad weather.

Hydraulic Door
External Filling

This door is a large, easily accessible opening for positioning the filling arm. It is tightly closed by rollers that press it against a rubber seal. Given its low height, it is ideal for tanks with a large diameter.

The DUO-COVER is a non-watertight net covering. It is made of 2 covering nets, which rest perfectly on the dome with pressure to ensure that silage or other products are transported without loss.

Hydraulic floor tensioner
Inner Accessories

Every JOSKIN muck spreader is fitted as standard with a mechanical floor tensioner. A hydraulic model on hand pump is also available as an option.

Hydraulic headboard
Inner Accessories

The hydraulic headboard is standard on the Silo-SPACE2: it is very useful when the trailer is behind the forage harvester at the beginning of a field. The front wall in galvanised perforated steel sheet also ensures a maximum visibility.

Hydraulic Mixer
Inner Accessories

This device is a real mixer. It can be used both during transport and spreading. The built-in hydraulic motor drives 60 mm vanes with a working diameter of 480 mm on a shaft supported by an ertalon bearing over its entire length.

Hydraulic Pincers

The JOSKIN meadow injectors are fitted as standard with mechanical anti-drip pincers releasing the injection hose automatically when the injection element touches the ground (and inversely when the element leaves it). Each pincer has a rounded jaw and a pinch stop to limit the wear to the rubber injection cone as much as possible. They can be replaced by hydraulic pincers, which can be opened or closed at any time without having to lift or lower the injector.

Hydraulic pressure switch
Management and Control

As standard, a hydraulic pressure switch regulates the moving floor speed. A graduated scale ensures a fine dosing for a quality spreading. The pressure switch is connected directly to the hydraulic supply line of the moving floor motor. It is usually fitted at the height of the spreader drawbar, close to the user, but outside the tractor cab.

Hydraulic side ladders
Outer Accessories

Hydraulic side ladders are available as an option on some models. They provide an increased security and speed of use. Both sides can be operated independently.

The TELECOVER is a very comfortable cover solution. This system consists of a 25 cm extension (on the right > cover roll-up), a profile above this extension, a hydraulic motor, an industrial quality cover (690 g/m²) and an asymmetrical support (front and rear). The advantage of this concept is undoubtedly to empty the trailer without having to roll up the cover.

The telescopic rams fitted by JOSKIN have a chrome coating on the first two elements. This means that you can store your tipping trailers with the body tilted slightly backwards without the risk of rust on the hydraulic tipping ram.

Hydraulic top link stabiliser
Grip and Drive Systems

In order to secure your container loading and unloading operations, especially in combination with a light tractor, your Cargo-LIFT can be equipped with a hydraulic top link instead of the mechanical chain system. This top link stabilises the assembly and prevents a negative load on the tractor hitch (lifting of the rear axle of the tractor).

Hydraulic Valves

JOSKIN offers 3 main types of hydraulic valves: flat (standard), bell and slide valves. The advantage of the bell type is that its body has a larger diameter, so it is less likely to become clogged with fibres going up in the valve head. The slide valve is the only one that is really sharp: it gets rid of foreign bodies by cutting them. It therefore never gets clogged and is the only one of the three models that is really watertight. However, all three are slurry-tight.

In case of frequent use, for more speed and comfort, JOSKIN also offers systems with a hydraulic opening: a Ø 520 mm hinged manhole, a 500x600 mm slide door and a 500x500 mm funnel.

Running Gear

On the Hydro-Pendul hydraulic suspension, each axle is mounted on two double-acting hydraulic rams (one on each side of the chassis). The axle is connected to the chassis by a triangular structure of large-diameter tubes, the end of which is attached to a large knee-joint with a vertical axis that ensures a great stability of the running gear. On the Hydro-Pendul of a tipping trailer, you can secure your tipping operation with the option "tipping stabiliser". The concept is simply to lock the hydraulic rams of the suspension so that they remain perfectly stable.

The JOSKIN Hydro-Tandem and Hydro-Tridem running gears combine simplicity, reliability, high clearance and stability. The vehicle can indeed be easily pulled over any obstacle thanks to its semi-independent axle concept. The vehicle is pulled by leaves attached to an element under the chassis, which is itself located in front of each axle, thus offering a large clearance of up to 250 mm. The working principle of this suspension is based on the law of the communicating vessels. Only the hydraulic rams on the same side are connected to each other in a closed circuit. The independence of the circuits on both sides of the vehicle, combined with the fact that the oil is incompressible, ensures a perfect lateral stability. As a result, the vehicle is less likely to tilt in bends and on hills. Moreover, thanks to this design, the pressure transmitted to the ground is perfectly distributed between all the wheels, which also spares the soil structure.

The vehicles equipped with a Hydro-Tandem or Hydro-Tridem running gear can be delivered with an automatic height-adjustment: this system allows the suspension to be easily calibrated in "road" configuration after passing under a bridge, a tunnel, after maintenance work, etc., for which it is normally necessary to lower the suspension of the running gear to the stop.

Hydropneumatic Suspension
Drawbar Suspension

This drawbar suspension, consisting of two double-acting hydraulic rams with a nitrogen ball, provides exceptional flexibility and is the most effective drawbar suspension. In addition, when connected to the tractor distributor, it actively influences the angle of the machine and thus transfers more or less load to the tractor hitch. It can be managed and controlled directly from the tractor, via the control box or via our ISOBUS solutions. An automatic height-adjusting device (option) allows the ideal suspension setting to be restored at any time.