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Vacuum Pumps with Lobes
Pumping System: Vacuum

The 3 JUROP DL vacuum pumps offer large capacities: 17,600, 21,600 and 25,000 l air/min. Coming from the industrial sector, and more specifically from the hydrocleaners, they have two rotors with lobes instead of vanes. The absence of contact between the moving parts allows a lubrication-free operation. It is cooled by air injection. The advantages of this type of pump are its large capacity and small size. Moreover, the JUROP DL is not subject to wear and tear or pollutant emissions. As standard, it is equipped with suction and discharge silencers. JOSKIN also equips its DL pumps with a temperature alarm and filters to prevent foreign bodies from damaging the lobes.

Vacuum Pumps with Vanes
Pumping System: Vacuum

JOSKIN mainly installs mobile vane pumps driven by an eccentric rotor that always rotates in the same direction: the air flow is directed by a deflector valve to either pump or spread slurry. They all achieve an equivalent vacuum, regardless of the model or capacity. It is therefore the air transfer capacity of the pump that should be taken into account. JOSKIN offers a range from 4,000 to 15,500 l/min. The main models are the MEC from Battioni & Pagani and the PN(E/R) from JUROP. They all have at least one forced drip lubrication that can be adjusted manually or automatically at the factory. The lubrication takes place both during the suction and the discharge phase. The JOSKIN Vacuumoil is specially designed for the pump vanes: a 5 l can is supplied with each slurry tanker equipped with a vacuum pump with vanes.

Variflex system

The VARIFLEX system allows a continuous modulation of the tine aggressiveness by a hydraulic adjustment using several compensation hydraulic rams and a central pressure hydraulic ram. A graduated scale, visible from the driver's seat, is also provided.

This macerator has a variable counter blade opening for an extremely precise dosing of the quantity to be spread, regardless of the desired flow rate. A hand-accessible thumbwheel allows the operator to change the flow rate according to the type and quantity of material to be spread. The macerator has a single knife unit in the form of a diabolo that rotates eccentrically on the Hardox counter blade for an even distribution. The air intake system the middle of the diabolo with two inlets ensures a smooth flow in the various hoses to the ground, without suction effect. This compact macerator is equipped with quick-opening side lids and a stone trap for a quick and easy maintenance.