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Chassis length (m)

from 6 to 7.1


Double axle
Triple axle


Cargo Chassis

CARGO2 General Points

General Points

The JOSKIN Cargo2 chassis is designed for users who are looking for a professional, economical, versatile solution that can be used up to 365 days a year. Whether on the road, as a transport vehicle, or in the field, the JOSKIN Cargo2 with its Vacu-Cargo (transport tank), Ferti-Space2 Cargo (muck spreader), Ferti-Space2 Horizon Cargo (universal muck spreader) and Drakkar-Cargo (multipurpose trailer with conveyor belt and mobile front wall) implements make the entire investment profitable the whole year through and make the most of the versatility provided by this concept. Available in double and triple-axle versions, this chassis with hydraulic suspension provides you every day with a solution for your agricultural works, in the best possible comfort!


CARGO2 Independent Chassis

Independent Chassis

The independent chassis (250 x 100 x 10 mm) with a width of 900 mm complies with the European legislation regarding certification, even with wheels with a large diameter and width. This will prevent soil compaction and provide traction ease, regardless of the Cargo implement used. The Cargo2 chassis, whether in double-axle (Cargo2 TSM 6.0) or triple-axle (Cargo2 TRM 7.1) configuration, is fitted as standard with "Twist-Lock" fastenings. Coming directly from the marine industry and proven through millions of containers around the world, they guarantee not only a properly secured Cargo2 implement, but also the switch of implements in a record time! In fact, in just a few movements you can change your configuration from Vacu-Cargo to Drakkar-Cargo, and so on.

CARGO2 Running Gear

Running Gear

All chassis in the Cargo2 range are equipped with a "Hydro-Tandem/Tridem" running gear with hydraulic suspension (clearance: +/- 24 cm), which ensures an excellent stability on hills, a 100% even load distribution, an optimal road holding and a perfect adaptation to the terrain. In short: the "trouble-free” driving solution! The Cargo2 TRM 7.1 (Tridem) is also standard equipped with a double self-steering system (first and last axles) and with a front lifting axle to limit the tyre wear when driving with the vehicle unloaded. The Cargo2 TSM 6.0 comes standard with a rear free-steering axle with a wide steering angle for a maximum agility.

CARGO2 Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

Drawbar and Drawbar Suspension

The Cargo2 chassis is standard fitted with a narrow “arrow-shaped” drawbar for a maximal steering angle before contact with the tractor wheels. The drawbar of the Cargo2 is specially designed to strengthen the features of a compact vehicle. It is also standard fitted with a hydropneumatic suspension. Comfort is therefore a priority to Joskin!

CARGO2 Versatility as Standard

Versatility as Standard

In order to maximise the use of the Cargo2 chassis, it is standard equipped with a range of reinforcements and pieces of pre-equipment to fit any type of Cargo2 implement at any time – when you purchase the chassis or even years later: Vacu-Cargo from 18,000 to 25,500 l, Ferti-Cargo from 18 m³ to 28 m³ (+ extensions as an option) or Drakkar-Cargo from 30 m³ to 41 m³ (+ extensions as an option).

CARGO2 Designed for a Quick Change of the Implements

Designed for a Quick Change of the Implements

In order to guarantee a fast change of the implements, the Cargo2 chassis is not only equipped as standard with a Twist Lock "implement-chassis" coupling system, but also with push-pull hydraulic connectors. In this way, in just a few minutes, you have the possibility to change of implement. Each implement comes with its own separate control box that can be easily connected to the control box of the chassis already installed in the driver's cab. A practical and compact solution!

Special Features

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